11 times Anne And Gilbert Define Relationship Goals

Of all the friendships and relationships on Netflix Anne with an E., the love between Anne Shirley Cuthbert (Amybeth McNulty) and Gilbert Blythe (Lucas Jade Zumann) is the most memorable. From the first day they meet, they share a connection that can not be broken. Fans knew they would eventually become a couple based on the LM Montgomery original book series, Anne of Green Gables, but with the Netflix series deviating from the books, fans were quick to wonder, when will Anne and Gilbert get together?

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Anne and Gilbert are soul mates, and they have some heartbreaking, romantic moments on the show. Avonlea Dup goes from rivals to friends to a couple and defines relationship goals from the three seasons of the show. Everyone would be happy to have a romance like hers.

Updated October 14, 2021 by Amanda Bruce: While the Anne of Green Gables series is without a doubt about a young girl who grew up to find the family she was always looking for, a big part of that story is Anne Shirley, who falls in love with Gilbert Blythe finds. It takes the two a long time to get into a romantic relationship, but part of the fun for the audience of adaptations is watching as this journey unfolds. Even if Anne was canceled with an E after the third season, fans can stream (and watch) her heartfelt content on Netflix.

Her instant connection

A cracked picture shows Anne and Gilbert in the schoolhouse and walking with the snow in Anne With An E

When there’s one thing fans know about Anne Shirley, it is that her diligent nature can get her into trouble without her noticing it. This all happens when she tries to make new friends at school early in the series. On the way to school, Billy Andrews (Christian Martyn) confronts Anne about the rumors she spread about her sister. Gilbert notices the aging and he defends Anne when they meet for the first time.

Anne and Gilbert have a connection that can not be broken. Gilbert is shot over talking to Anne, an orphan, but he does not care. As he mentions to his friends, “a sweet girl is a sweet girl.”

Their closest friends recognize their connection first

A split picture shows Diana and Bash in Anne With An E

Gilbert is never really shy about his admiration for Anne. Not only does he call her “cute” right after she meets her, but he is a regular defender of her intelligence and her outspoken nature, even when she frustrates him. When she finally warms him up, he’s just more vocal. Anne, for her part, often denies that she has an interest in him, but can not help talking about him. This makes Diana (Dalila Bela) and Bash (Dalmar Abuzeid) recognize the chemistry between the two pretty quickly.

Diana tries to talk to Anne about her feelings about Gilbert more often, but she does not push, only saying that Anne should give him a chance. Bash, on the other hand, fully supports Anne the moment Gilbert receives his first letter from her, excited to meet her and understand why Gilbert is interested in her. They act entirely as surrogates for the public in their use of chemistry.

Their academic competitions

At Montgomery Anne of Green Gables Book series, Anne and Gilbert are the top students at Avonlea School. They compete to have the best qualities and they are fundamentally rivals.

This is also true in Anne with E. In the season one episode “Tight Knotted to a Similar String,” Anne and Gilbert compete in a writing competition. Gilbert constantly looks at Anne, and it seems as if he is throwing the contest just to see how she wins. Even if they compete, they can not deny the obvious spark between them.

Become friends

In the season finale “Wherever You Are Is My Home”, Anne and Gilbert run in Charlottetown. His father died and Gilbert plans to leave Avonlea and Prince Edward Island.

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Before this happened, Anne and Gilbert had one last meeting. They make the transition to becoming friends, and Anne even admits that she misses him at school. Gilbert stared at Anne for a long time, and the fans simply knew that her story was not over yet.

Stay connected through letters

A split picture shows Gilbert in the Bahamas in one of his letters in Anne With An E

During the first half of the show’s second season, Gilbert works on a ship. He travels the world, and his absence is felt back home in Avonlea. Anne misses Gilbert, though she does not like to admit it herself. Meanwhile, Gilbert also misses his favorite advice.

They stay connected by writing letters to each other. Anne informs Gilbert about everything going on in Avonlea. It takes a while for their letters to find one, but they only appreciate the words. This would not be the only time that their letters were important.

A memorable Christmas

It’s Christmas in season two episode, “I protest against an absolute conclusion.” Anne shocks everyone at school with her short hairstyle, including Gilbert, who is returning from his travels. Since it’s Gilbert’s first Christmas without his family, Cuthberts invites him and his friend Bash to spend the holidays with them, to begin Cuthbert has a bit of an extended family in Avonlea.

Gilbert surprises Anne by giving her a gift: a miniature dictionary. He wrote inside, “so you can beat me fair and square.” The gift is a tribute to her writing competitions, and it makes Anne blush and laugh. When it’s time for them to blow out the candles on the Christmas tree, Anne and Gilbert share a special moment.

Supports mutual futures

In season two finale “The Growing Good of the World”, Bash marries his girlfriend, Mary Hanford (Cara Ricketts). Bash and Mary’s story is one new addition to the Anne Adaptation, but a change fans absolutely love. Not only does she better represent the diversity in the series, but her relationship serves to expand Gilbert.

Outside the church, Anne and Gilbert apologize for always dropping out at school. Gilbert betrays his plans to become a doctor, while Anne tells him that she wants to become a teacher. Anne is comforted knowing that Gilbert supports her future plans. She begins to see him differently, perhaps feeling the same way he always felt about her.

Dancing Partner

Anne and Gilbert’s budding romance is one of the highlights of the show’s third season. Fans wanted finally admitting their feelings to them. Despite Gilbert’s relationship with Winifred Rose (Ashleigh Stewart), which is clearly just an excuse to keep his feelings for Anne, Gilbert and Anne flirt with him all season.

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In “I’m Fearless and Therefore Powerful,” Avonlea School practices as one dances for an uplifting dance. Gilbert flirts with Anne during the whole rehearsal. There is so much romantic tension in this scene. Who would not want such a dance rehearsal?

Make a good team

Whenever something important happens in Avonlea, Anne and Gilbert often work together to persuade others to make a difference. Diana is perhaps best known as Anne’s best friend, but Gilbert is one of her closest allies. In season three episode “A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good,” Anne gathers the city to fight for justice after Josie Pye (Miranda McKeon) was sexually harassed by her beau, Billy. When Anne wrote an op-ed in the school newspaper, the city council threatened to close the newspaper.

Gilbert convinces everyone to come to Anne. If they successfully convince the city council to keep the newspaper, everyone celebrates. At this event, Anne and Gilbert share a private conversation. Gilbert mentions that they make a great “TEAM”, which makes Anne laugh. They have nothing more to argue about. They look into each other’s eyes and no one could dismiss the chemistry between them.

Confess Your Feelings Through Letters

Anne realizes that she loves Gilbert in the season three episode “A Dense and Frightful Darkness.” However, he will propose to Winifred because he thinks it is the “right thing to do.” He is convinced that Anne does not like him. Hoping to stop this, Anne leaves a note at Gilbert’s home, telling him that she loves him.

Unfortunately, Gilbert does not see the note. However, he does not propose to Winifred because he can not marry anyone unless it is Anne. Gilbert writes Anne a love letter expressing his feelings. He tells her, “You are the dear object of my heart and desire. You, and you alone, are the keeper of the key in my heart … I am not engaged, nor am I, unless it is you, Anne. My Anne with an E. It has always been and always will be you.

Finally kiss

Fans are waiting for Anne and Gilbert to finally kiss and share their feelings with each other, and in person this time. During the final scene of the season three finale “The Better Feeling of My Heart”, Gilbert finds out about Anne’s original letter and he flees after them before they both go to college.

When they meet, they finally kiss. They know about each other’s feelings, and they will continue to develop their relationship. Because of Anne with an E. was canceled by Netflix after the third season, it seems this is all that viewers get out of the relationship between Anne and Gilbert. However, Anne and Gilbert are soul mates and they will always be together. They are in “LOVE”, no matter what.

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