12 Awesome Sci-Fi Movies That Never Got Progress

Although many recent sci-fi films use nostalgia for 80s movies, “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” digs much further back into science fiction history. The Diesel Punk action show pays homage to World War II pulp, space adventures, and monster stories from the 1930s, including cuts to various movies, cartoons, series, radio dramas, and Golden Age comic books.

In 1939, during the early Nazi campaigns in Europe, the flying ace Joseph Sullivan (Jude Law) commanded a private squad of dogfighters and fought evil human and technological like his alter ego, Sky Captain. Through a message from his former Flam Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow), a reporter for the New York Chronicle, the Sky Captain learns of a conspiracy to create a technological weapon, forcing the pair of disgruntled lovers back in search of the world to save a fascist monstrosity.

“Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” was a box office disappointment that earned only $ 58 million from a $ 70 million budget, but it was also one of the first films shot completely in front of a green screen. In the years since, Hollywood has become much better at making movies like this, and the rising cult rating for “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” says that a potential audience has only grown since its first release.

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