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17 year old girl fights bear to protect her dogs


A 17-year-old California girl was caught in a mass thrashing Bear His fence was closed after the animal lashed out at his dogs.

“The dog that the bear caught is a child,” Hailey Mourinico told NBC News. “I have to protect the child.”

The black bear was walking with two cubs at their home in Bradbury, east of Los Angeles, and over a fence in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Footage from the yard showed four of the family’s dogs running to dodge the bears.

Although the cubs jumped up and Mama Bear turned back, she too started hitting the dogs below.

Then Mourinho was run out.

“I go to the bear. I look it in the eye, and the first thing I think is to push it, push a bear, push a top predator, man,” she said in a tiktok video. “And to be honest, I don’t think I pushed him so hard, I pushed him so hard that he could lose his balance.”

The bear fell off the fence and Mourinico grabbed the puppy and collided with Bolt.

It worked, but it could also have gone horribly wrong for the youth – whom she knows.

“Don’t push the bear,” he told KTLA. “Don’t do what I did. You can’t have the same result.”

During the encounter, Mourinico sprained a finger and injured his knee.

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