2020 Election Audit: Texas officials announce audit of 2020 election results in Collin, Dallas, Harris, and Tarrant county

AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) — Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and county leaders are reacting to plans for the state’s four Texas counties to audit the November election results.

On Thursday, the Texas State Department announced that it will oversee the 2020 election results in the state’s four largest counties: Collin, Dallas, Harris, and Tarrant.

The announcement comes just hours after former president Donald Trump asked Governor Greg Abbott to add an Election Supervision Act to the state legislature’s agenda for the third special session.

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“I know that in 2020 the Harris County Commissioner’s Court approved two security audits,” Hidalgo said on Friday. Said. “They were administered. They came back clean. Our electoral systems are working. We all vote. We watch the news of the voters. We know it’s safe. We know it’s all a hoax.”

Harris County Elections administrator Isabel Longoria said her offices have not received any further instructions or details about the announced audit.

“I didn’t ask any questions, I didn’t have any concerns from the Secretary of State,” Longoria said. My job is to protect Harris County voters.”

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ABC13 reached out to the governor’s office for a response, but we did not receive any response.

Mike Jones, Professor of Political Science at Rice University, said he believes this was a politically motivated move in response to Trump’s recent request.

“I wouldn’t take this election audit too seriously,” Jones said. “It’s just Governor Abbott trying to get out of a political stalemate that Donald Trump has created for himself with that letter. I don’t think the Governor really means too much, just review the proposals so that he’s at least superficially researched the issue and found nothing.” because we on the field know there is nothing to be found.”

Harris County GOP President Cindy Siegel sent the following statement to ABC13 on Friday afternoon:

“All Harris County voters, regardless of their political party, should support the involvement of the Secretary of State to conduct a comprehensive audit of the 2020 elections to protect their right to free, fair and secure elections. Unfortunately, Harris County officials are deceiving that voters are involved in the electoral process and that the election As a CPA, I believe in transparency, but Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo has repeatedly shown that transparency and accountability are not hers, as our state lawmakers dedicate resources to a thorough and transparent oversight of our election process, Judge Hidalgo said. Focuses on transferring $11 million in taxpayer dollars to a partisan agent under the guise of COVID outreach. If there are really no election cases fraud in the country’s third-largest county, as Judge Hidalgo claims, then why didn’t the S state support it? Is the secretary doing her job and supervising? Judge Hidalgo, what are you hiding?”

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office sent the following statement in response Friday evening:

“The right of every citizen to participate in the democratic process is a cornerstone of any democracy. As with every Harris County election, election officials, county attorney, district attorney, and law enforcement were all on hand to ensure a full and fair election. Voting Integrity and Security Cooperation (VISC) Mission Power has responded to complaints and provided support where appropriate. The District Attorney’s Office has thoroughly reviewed all complaints and filed criminal complaints where appropriate.”

Harris County District Attorney Christian D. Menefee issued the following statement in a press release Friday morning:

“Governor Abbott’s taking orders from Donald Trump and his oversight of the elections in Harris County 10 months in advance is another example of why Texans are losing confidence in our state’s leadership. Governor Abbott and Trump’s motives here are clear; to plant distrust in our elections, to discredit electoral officials and To scare the workers and appease the conspiracy theorists. Texans are better than that. So should our governor.”

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