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2021 Tokyo Olympics | Five athletes, including KT Irfan heading to Tokyo, test negative for Covid-19 after second test


Olympic walkers KT Irfan and Sandeep Kumar were among the elite five athletes to test positive for Covid-19. However, the second confirmatory tests conducted on Thursday came negative for all athletes involved.

Many elite athletes in India train at the SAI Center, in Bengaluru, or in and around a city that was one of the hardest-hit areas in the country after the second Covid-19 wave struck. Recently, Olympic race infantry KT Irfan and Sandeep Kumar, along with three other elite athletes currently stationed in the southern city, were tested with the virus.

“At least five athletes tested positive for COVID-19 when the tests were conducted on Friday. They have been isolated from the others. Four players, 1 female gamer and 4 support staff have tested positive for Covid-19,” a device official said.

“The player came from home. The players were tested on the sixth day, and their results came back positive on the seventh day. They received their first vaccine dose on April 29. Not one player and one female player were vaccinated. The source added that they were tested again on the tenth and their results are expected tomorrow.”

However, in the second confirmatory test taken on the athletes on Thursday.

A source from the Supreme Authority of Financial Supervision and Accounting said, “All the tests came negative in the second test that was conducted yesterday, and its results appeared this morning. All the athletes at the SAI campus are tested across the country on a weekly basis.”

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