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2021 will bring eggshells back in case the Vikings kicked


December 13, 2020; Tampa, Florida, USA; Minnesota Vikings player Dan Bailey (5) reacted after a missed field goal against the Tampa Bay Pirates during the second half at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Few people remember – or perhaps selectively mistake them for – that former Minnesota Vikings player Blair Walsh was a brilliant before his career went downhill. Walsh was superb in his rising season (2012) and then moderately fit from 2013 to 2015. And for faithful Vikings, he’s considered “somewhat fit.” Excellence Kickers based on past scars.

Walsh missed an advanced field goal in the playoff round in the 2015 playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks, rekindling Vikings fans’ disdain for field goal kicks in general. Resentment towards kicking didn’t completely leave the Vikings kingdom even when Walsh was paramount, but at least he was strong for a long time.

Ever since Walsh beat the game-winner against Seattle, the anxiety surrounding Minnesota’s field goal kicks has been harsh. Kai Forbath offered stability for a while – digging postseason kicks in 2017 – but his malfunction was extra points. Then General Manager Rick Spielman drafted Daniel Carlson in 2018, to start a new youth strategy at Kicker. That era lasted two weeks of the regular season. Carlson, like many Vikings riders before him, collapsed at an inopportune time, causing his rapid and cruel exodus from the organization.

Carlson has since started joining the Las Vegas Raiders – and nothing has come close to the manic performance he put on Vikings at Green Bay in September 2018.

There are two sides to kicking – two very important ones – that afflict the Vikings led by Mike Zimmer. Zimmer was hired in 2014, and constant frustration has continued throughout his tenure. Since the start of 2014, Vikings kickers have converted 80.9% of all field goals. This ranks 27th in the NFL during the time frame, or sixth worst. So, when you grabbed the sofa cushion or the husband’s arm during field aiming attempts over the past seven years – you are justified. Vikings don’t kick stadiums like other teams. In this respect, they pull down the NFL for efficiency.

The same goes for extra kicking – but it’s worse. In the Zimmer era, Minnesota had an 89.6% success rate on bonus points. This is the worst in the NFL since 2014. The last dead. No team misses more bonus points. Regardless of the player, the stand, the special team coordinator, indoor, outdoor, rainy, sunny – the Vikings flounder after scoring a goal.

Zimmer has abandoned his own off-season squad coordinator and hired an in-house candidate, Ryan Viken, for the 2021 assignments. For now he hopes that the Vikings’ private squads – especially kickers – will see a resurgence.

Minnesota will be fighting another true blue kicking competition this summer, consisting of two players – Greg Joseph and Riley Patterson.

Joseph is a veteran, spending time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020 when Tom Brady’s team won the Super Bowl over the mighty Kansas City Presidents. Finally, Joseph attempted 20 field goals in his career while calling 17 of them. Based on a small body of experience, Joseph is perhaps the “front runner”, but that shouldn’t be taken as something the bank deserves.

Spielman has also signed Riley Patterson, a graduate of the University of Memphis. He was brought on board after the 2021 NFL Draft. Patterson has played in every game for Memphis since the start of the 2017 collegiate season. In those four seasons, Patterson called 240 out of an additional 246 points (or a 97.6% success rate). For most NFL teams, this stat will be categorized as “What’s the big problem?” But it is a crucial bargain for the Vikings – see above.

As for field goals, he turned 64 of the 83 attempts in Memphis, with a rate of 77.1%. This is not from another world, but its accuracy will probably improve indoors at the Bank of the United States.

While one or both of these men might be a wonderful freak in time, the unknown great anxiety or great “what if he missed” anxiety will persist. Spielman thought he finally sealed the deal when Dan Bailey was acquired in 2018, but the demons appeared in 2020. However, in Bailey’s defense, he was totally reliable in 2019.

Just Joseph Patterson’s mix creates an “wait-and-see” and eggshell-like feeling. This isn’t an insult to the franchise but a cool fact based on seven years of stats and eye testing.

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