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You will find it nostalgic to watch the trailer of the new Ragret show


The kids are back.

On Wednesday, May 5, Paramount + released the first trailer for the remake of Nickelodeon’s favorite children’s animated series, Regrets. And, as the new trailer below the teasers, there will be plenty of adventure outside of the playpen after the May 27 show.

Once again, now the CG-animated series follows Tommy (Easy Daily), Chucky (Nancy Cartwright), Susie (Cree Summer), Angelica (Cheryl Chase) And twin Phil and Lil (Wood sushi) They explore the world from an incredibly creative perspective Explore Case Point: Reconstruction is seen parodying Jurassic Park. Tommy was not only chased by dinosaurs, but he also declared, “Hold your bottles.”

Fingers crossed the repertoire to save the day! Regrets It first debuted in August 1991 and became a mega-popular franchise for Nickelodeon. In addition to a TV show, Regrets Inspired by three hit films, merchandise and more. 13 years after nine seasons, Regrets Signed in August 2004.


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