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Watch Anthony Davis smoke Steve Curry in jersey in GTA just 12 days before the tournament play


In cold blood.

In cold blood.
A screen shot: Twitch: @ AntDavis23

Well, that’s one way to send someone a message before the qualifiers.

during playing Grand Theft Auto 5 On his Twitch channel, Anthony Davis blew someone in the head wearing a Steve Curry shirt, sending him to his temporary death on a Los Santos highway before he reappeared only seconds later. After I played many Hours of GTA 5 Over the past eight years! (We’ll get to that in a second), Carrie’s shirt has been clarified-Its wearers were either outnumbered, or a staged staple of a hypothetical implementation. Regardless, it wasn’t accidental, and if you’re used to it GTA OnlineThat’s a standard like a Thanksgiving nap, it happens that Davis himself, Carrie, (And Lamar Jackson, apparently) Joint jerseys.

Unidentified: “Do you want to shoot him?”

Davis: “Yeah …”

* Shoots him *

Davis: “We’re out.”

Oh man, Davis was focusing. He was so locked up that he didn’t even blink once in that entire clip. No. One. time. He put his head down only. It was also a hit-and-miss game, which means Davis didn’t want any one-to-one part, which is understandable, because these things get worse like Hell.

At the age of 37-28, the Los Angeles Lakers are currently tying with the Dallas Mavericks for fifth in the Western Conference, but only 0.5 games ahead of the seventh seed Portland Trail Blazers, and without LeBron James (still suffering from an ankle arthritis), playing is a huge possibility. . The Golden State Warriors lead 33-33 and are ninth in the West, 0.5 games behind Memphis Grizzlies, and 1.5 games over the San Antonio Spurs. Do not forget It’s number 7 against No. 8 and No. 9 against No. 10 first.

Side note: Rockstar Games, if you are reading this: C‘mon, dawg. Almost eight years have passed since then GTA 5 Hit the streets. Stop adding updates to robberies and shit and let’s get to it GTA 6 Previously.



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