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Doctors warn of high COVID-19 surge in Nepal


Doctors in Nepal warn of an increase in COVID-19 cases in the country.

Nepal registered a total of 9,070 newly verified cases on Thursday Associated Press.

This is a total of 298 reported last month. Hospitals across the country are reportedly facing a shortage of beds and oxygen due to the large number of new patients.

Nepal is bordered by India, one of the world’s largest COVID-19 crises, with cholera cases and deaths. The United States on Tuesday banned travel to India.

“There are currently no beds in any hospital for COVID patients,” said Joyndandra Sharma, director of Kathmandu Advanced Medical and Surgery Hospital. Although there are beds, there is a severe shortage of oxygen and we are not at the peak of this crisis.

The hospital was forced to compress extra beds to serve patients with COVID-19. Those are now filled out and patients are on a waiting list for doctors to see.

“People can die on the streets in extreme conditions,” Sharma told the AP. “[It’s] It is not possible to rapidly increase the capacity of hospitals. ”

Due to the growing number of cholera cases in the country, the local government-run teaching hospital is facing a similar shortage of resources. The Tribune University Teaching Hospital had to rotate patients because there was not enough space in the facility to accommodate all the equipment needed to treat them, AP said.

“We are prepared to do whatever is expected of us, our capacity is limited and our capacity is limited,” he told the news agency.

Nepal launched a national lockout last month to stem the spread of the virus. It also stepped up domestic and international flights this week and stepped up security measures.

The country started vaccinating with 1 million doses of Stratzeneca vaccine from India in January. It ended after India stopped exporting due to growing issues in that country.

China has since delivered 800,000 doses of vaccine to Nepal. The AP also stated that it is in talks with Russia to maintain the dose of the sputum vaccine.



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