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My top Airbnbs in San Francisco


Staying on a plane can be dangerous, I know. If you are like me, they would check every detail to see every nook in each section, read the reviews, and then never be sure.

But staying in the airport is a great way to get to know the city, as the hosts will often contact you, or at least leave a list of tips for activities in the area. You also tend to stay in the neighborhood instead of being in the city. Only if you have This weekend in San Francisco, These are my best comments on how to blur!

San Francisco Cable Car
San Francisco High Street Cable Car

They are also often more affordable than hotels (although you can still go to the top!), And they are unique (at least they are).

I have chosen in this article 6 cool Airbnb’s in San Francisco በተለያዩ Sleep in a magical sound at different prices and different highlights, from comics to great views and even the sound of a sleeping wave…

Some of these shelters are ideal for pets so you will love this if you bring your dog An ideal guide for a San Francisco dog.

So only if you read mine 5 day Los Angeles road trip to San Francisco Post and now you want a place to throw yourself, read on!

* Please note: If you book a place through these links, I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost.

China with views

This hip Chinese city errab He is perfect in the heart of his actions. It is very close to many of San Francisco’s highlights, including fishermen’s Warf and Alcat, and you can see the Coit Tower, the Gulf lights, and the Transnational Pyramid here.

Is there anything more exciting than a spectacular view of the area? I do not think so! Especially when you can see the skyline and its signs from the comfort of your “home”.

The interior is hip and modern with unfamiliar features and can accommodate up to 4 people.

Stairs from the beach!

Imagine lying on the sound of a falling storm But you are easily accessible to everything in San Francisco!

This apartment comes with a cozy garden and can accommodate up to three people (one bedroom and one sofa in the bedroom). It is only a step away from the beach and the Golden State Park and is perfect for a nature-loving city dweller.

This is a place where San Francisco is looking for a peaceful basis to return home. Drink your morning coffee in a private garden surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers, or end your day here with a glass of wine.

You are only close to the zoo and two blocks from the MUNI train.

Home boat in Salcito

Boat AirBnB San Francisco
Former steam boat

Staying on a house boat? This erbnib is not the typical accommodation you expect on the website but let me tell you even better!

It is a luxurious boat with a 5-star hotel on the Golden Gate Bridge in the beloved village of Saussolito. In fact, it is a boat that can accommodate up to six people for more fun (but you are loaded into a nearby boat community so parties are not allowed).

It has three bedrooms, two toilets and easy access to the city. The hosts describe it as “the same American as renting a palace in Spain.” If that’s not convincing, I don’t know what it is!

Officially, you will be staying in the CSS (Yellow Boat), which was originally launched in 1888 and survived on the West Coast.

Boat Lounge
The spacious lounge in the boat

The large living room on the bay is divided into spaces and floor to ceiling windows, 2,500 square meters. There is one main bedroom and two more downstairs online at literally seals and seabirds.

The boat combines luxury and comfort in an amazing and memorable setting. Surrounded by open water, it is simply the best home boat in Berat. The yellow boat, perfect for couples or families, offers a lifelong vacation experience.

Modern chic in Marin

Air Binby in the Marine Pool
Swimming pool and gym use

If you are planning to drive to a wine country, this is a good idea. Oh, and if you love modernity and elegance, this might be an air bubble for you.

It is located 10 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge and is ideal for Napa and Sonoma wineries, so get in and out of your own car. An Uber to San Francisco costs about $ 40.

Air BNB in ​​the Marines at night
Owners live on the floor

You will find the lowest level of this luxury door apartment (the owner is upstairs), can sleep up to six in three bedrooms (the bedroom has three beds), plus a family room, kitchen and laundry – always able to do your own laundry And another reason to choose an airbnb over a hotel room.

They also use a hot tub, gym, jet hot tub and beautiful garden!

Telegraph Hill Views

Roofing air vents in Telegraph Hill
Your roof view!

This erbnib is a stone throw from a fishing river And on Telegraph Hill days it can sleep up to four people (two bedrooms). It is a historic building that dates back to 1908 but was renovated in 2009.

You need to weigh this for the cost of local hotels and use things like laundry – if necessary.

But with over 20 windows and light on all sides, this place has eternal views! You also have exclusive access to a private 1,000-square-foot roof in one of the 360-degree views of San Francisco, not just for the living room.

Look from the kitchen to Saussilito and the Golden Gate Bridge
Look from the kitchen to Saussilito and the Golden Gate Bridge

Russian Hill Cottage

This delicious ground floor studio cottage A four-poster bed with two bedrooms in the Russian Hill neighborhood is easy to walk with fishermen in Warf and China Town and halfway from the cable car.

There is a private balcony for your coffee and triumph over the delicious little garden. It has many interesting touches with all the comforts of living in a historic house with 20Th Century Vibration.

There is street parking – if you can find a place – it is free on weekends.

Click on this image (below) to see more air balloons in San Francisco, including hotels. You can also post many good experiences through their website.

Map of San Francisco Air BnB
Map of San Francisco Air BnB


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