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Great news for Arsenal as the rising star wraps up a new five-year decade


It will be an enjoyable view ArsenalRebuilding this summer, while there will be hopes of learning lessons from the past.

It always seems like they manage to force underperforming players into huge financial contracts of a few years, while their better players are always nearing the end of their deals and this leaves them in an impossible situation.

There are signs the situation is changing as Volareen Balogon agreed to a new deal earlier in the year, and it now looks like they are on the verge of tying up Emile Smith Roe for at least five years as well:

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Smith Row has been one of the bright spots of a very rough season Arsenal Fans, but his introduction to the team at the end of last year coincided with a shift in shape that pushed them away from a potential relegation battle.

He is popular with fans and building around a young talent from the academy will always generate more goodwill from fans as well, so I hope he can build on this next year as he becomes a major player for years to come.

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