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Bruce Willis and John Travolta to reunite for action film in Paradise City


Take me to Paradise City, where Bruce Willis and John Travolta haven’t spent the last decade cutting horror movies. I know, I’m not an Excel Rose, though Deadline Bruce Willis and John Travolta will be seen performing for the first time in almost thirty years Kingdom of heaven, An upcoming action flick that will be directed by Chuck Russell.

Although they did not share many scenes, Bruce Willis and John Travolta appeared together on Quentin Tarnatino until the end. Pulp Fiction In 1994. Kingdom of heaven Willis will play Ryan Swann, a Raingad grace hunter (any other kind?) Who must have made his way through the Hawaiian Crime World to avenge the crimepin starring John Travolta, who killed Willis’ father just as he did. Model and actress Praya Lundberg is also set to star in the film, which coincides with a deadline set. Miami Vice, Without the police instead of grace hunters. Corey Large, who has written and produced several Bruce Willis action flicks in recent times Cosmic Scene, Is co-written Kingdom of heaven He will also star in the film with John Drake, and as Willis’s gracious friend. Director Chuck Russell is best known for Helming Elm Street 3, The Blob, The Mask, An Eraser Nightmare, And King of Scorpio. Production will begin this Monday in Maui, Hawaii. Willpower Heaven is lost Could there be a suitable reunion between Willis and Travolta or between the long line of memorable action films they have seen over the years? I think time will tell.

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