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Dr. Zoe says this morning there is an “ air of suspicion ” about Will Smith’s weight loss


Dr. Zoe Williams spoke about this morning will Smith His recent posts on the social networking sites he posted He pledged to lose his epidemiological weight.

Dr. Zoe, 41, believes the Hollywood actor may have shared his weight gain shots as a way to start a new career path as a “fitness influencer”.

In an exclusive interview to The Mirror, Dr. Zoe said: “There is an air of suspicion for me that he’s clearly collaborating with YouTube.

“ While I think it’s really fun to see that even Will Smith can put on a little weight during the lockdown and two, and be honest about it without being a negative or a big thing, I think that’s very motivating and inspiring to the many people who might be in a similar situation. .

Dr. Zoe Williams spoke about Will Smith’s recent social media posts in which he pledged to lose his epidemic weight

“And he’s looking at a long-term plan. He’s trying to gradually lose weight and get a healthier fit.”

He continued: “The skeptical part of me thinks it’s all just a big Youtube site … kind of encouraged him to gain weight in the first place.

“Is he going to be a fitness influencer and that’s how it all starts?” A star has been added this morning.

“But you know, if he’s doing it in a healthy way and he’s taking people with him on this journey, and I’ve seen pictures he’s also posted of loads of other men who are in a similar position and on this journey to get better health with him.

Will Smith told his followers that this is a body
Will Smith told his followers that this body “carried me through a whole pandemic” but said he was eager to get in shape again

“So if he uses his fame to encourage others to enjoy better health, I can definitely see the good in that.”

Dr. Zoe went on to say, “I think one of the real pluses about it is that it kind of has it.

“He gained some weight. I think after the year we went through, if people gain some weight, it’s not a big disaster, it’s not the end of the world.

Of course it is important to maintain a healthy weight as possible, but after the year that we went through, the mental health trauma, for some people financial difficulty, the potential impact of that on our sleep, what we ate, our stress levels, and our relationships, we must remember that being overweight is not Only a small part of the puzzle is not overcome. “

Dr. Zoe thinks there is
Dr. Zoe believes there is a “climate of suspicion” about the Hollywood star’s posts on social media

New research by LloydsPharmacy determined that 41 percent of British adults admit to having gained weight, with nearly average weight gain since the lockdown began, with those between the ages of 25, 34 and 45-54 seeing the largest increase. .

Moreover, 43 percent of those who gained weight during the lockdown admitted that they ate more food as a result of increased stress, anxiety, and / or bad mood caused by Corona Virus pandemic.

And 48 percent of people questioned said they had less motivation to exercise during the pandemic, and one in five blamed their weight gain for drinking more alcohol or ordering more junk food.

Will Smith told his 53.4 million Instagram followers
“I’m in the worst condition of my life,” Will Smith told his 53.4 million Instagram followers, showing off his stomach.

When asked what she thinks is the best way to start working in order to live a healthier lifestyle, Dr. Zoe said: “My advice on this is to always remember that your health is made up of a number of different lifestyle factors: what you eat, how much exercise you do, and how well you do it. Your sleep, your relationships, and the extent of your stress.

“If your goal is to be healthier, and losing weight might be a way to be healthier, but in reality all of those things that I just mentioned, there are ways to focus on each other. People can feel very overwhelmed when they try to do everything once upon a time. “

She added, “Take an approach to improving your health rather than losing weight specifically. Do the things that bring you happiness, stop focusing on the really difficult and negative things and deny yourself.”

Zoe Williams often appears this morning on ITV to discuss health matters
Zoe Williams often appears this morning on ITV to discuss health matters

Victoria Steele, head of the pharmacy team at Lloyd’s of Pharmacy, added: “It has been a very difficult and stressful year, as it can be easy for people to lose motivation when it comes to staying fit and healthy.

“However, being overweight can have a detrimental effect on your overall health. Therefore, it is very important that we prioritize taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle as we emerge from lockdown, especially for those with a higher BMI or diagnosed with obesity.

“Our therapeutic weight loss service combined with an improved diet and exercise has been shown to support healthy weight loss and is in place to provide accessible tools for those who need additional help.”

Dr. Zoe Williams supports the LloydsPharmacy weight loss campaign that aims to support those who are obese to lead healthier lives. click here Learn more about LloydsPharmacy’s Clinical Weight Loss Service.



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