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The Israeli army has been asked to use the media to deceive Hamas – Twin Cities


By Joseph Federal

JERUSALEM (AP) – At around midnight on Friday, the Israeli army issued a shocking statement to the media, saying that “AEPR air and ground forces are currently attacking the Gaza Strip.”

The unequivocal statement raised alarming reports that Israel had launched a land invasion of Gaza – a shocking development in the wake of this week’s bloodshed against Hamas militants. Some reporters have even been told that the invasion has begun.

Hours later, the military issued a statement. There were no soldiers in Gaza. In the meantime, several major news outlets have erroneously reported that the attack was taking place.

While the military is trying to portray the incident as a misunderstanding, well-informed Israeli military analysts say the media has used clever tactics to deceive Hamas militants into killing them.

“They are not lying,” said veteran military reporter Or Heller on Channel 13 of Israel. “It was a scam. He was smart and successful. ”

How it opened

On Thursday morning, after days of airstrikes, Israel called thousands of guards and announced that it was gathering troops near the border. In another sign of improvement, residents say Israel has begun firing on cross-border targets.

In previous battles, land grabbing has resulted in widespread destruction in Gaza and heavy casualties on both sides.

That night became the beginning of deception. According to Heller, Israel began mobilizing near the border in preparation for the invasion. The announcement was then made to the media, and at the same time on Twitter there were warnings that the raids were being carried out on major shopping malls, including Hebrew and Arabic New York Times.

The Israeli move sent Hamas fighters to Hlerler and other Israeli sources, who rushed into the underground tunnel in a tunnel called Metro, according to reports.

The Israeli military says it has bombed caves for 40 minutes with 160 fighter jets. Heler said it was impossible to say, but he said he understood that many gunmen had been killed.

“What we saw tonight was a very sophisticated operation,” said Heller.

Hamas has not commented on the case, and Israeli reports have not been confirmed.

The veteran Israeli correspondent, who has close ties to the military and has served on many issues, knows that there is no way for Israel to pass troops through the enemy line at this stage. Heller and other military reporters took to Twitter to assure the public that there was no movement.

The Associated Press did not report on the army’s statement, telephone calls to military officials, and reports that there had been no land grabbing.

Others, however, lied when the military misled them or when asked to clarify the first statement and the suspicious “inside.” It is thought that some foreign media outlets have been transformed into one.

Wall Street Journal reporter Felicia Schwartz said she was alarmed by the news that a military spokesman, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conrycus, would launch an attack after receiving clear confirmation.

“She told me directly that there were troops in Gaza,” Conryx said in a statement on Twitter. It was the basis for the first story. Two hours later, I retracted that statement and changed the story to reflect that, which is reflected in the text and corrected. ”

In a statement to reporters on Friday morning, Conrycus blamed “internal disputes”.

“These things can sometimes be in a complex operation with many moving parts and a vague picture of what was going on,” he said. As soon as I got the wrong information, I corrected the people involved.

But some reporters still had questions.

It is unacceptable if you use us. If not, what is the story – and why do the Israeli media widely report that we have been deceived? ”The NPR in Jerusalem Reporter Daniel Esther told the troops that the invasion had begun.

Fighters from all over the world have used deception and deception against their enemies. Two years ago, Israeli soldiers falsely identified the wounded at the site of a Hezbollah attack and evacuated them to a hospital in a helicopter.

According to reports at the time, the army agreed to a ceasefire because it thought Hezbollah had harmed them.

Friday’s misleading statement often exacerbates the worst relations between the Defense Forces and foreign media.

Peter Werner, a former foreign media spokesman, said the Israeli people have long felt that the international media has been focusing on Palestine’s history, reducing Israel’s fears and suffering – and that the military has a similar attitude.

Werner felt that it was unthinkable for the soldier to lie, but it did.

“Your currency is trustworthy,” he said. I think this is a crisis of credibility in the way it is presented. ”


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