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Leslie Odom joins Daniel Craig in Netflix sequel


With another involved cast, including Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Chris Evans, Tony Colette, Anna de Armas, Lecith Stanfield, Don Johnson and many more, Ryan Johnson. I know out Treasure was an embarrassment and will probably prove difficult at the top, but imminent Knife out The sequel is definitely a game to try.

Daniel Craig must reject the role of his detective Benoit Blanc for Netflix Knife out Sequels, and THR Leslie Odom Jr. stated that (Hamilton) The latest members to sign in are already joined by Kastrin Han, Janelle Moni, Dave Bautista and Edward Norton. As expected, Odom Jr.’s role, as well as the details of the plot itself, are being forcibly intertwined. The sequel will kick off in Greece this summer

Although Knife out The sequel will obviously see detective Bonnet Blank tackle another mystery, Ryan Johnson said earlier that we shouldn’t expect anything more for the sequel. “Agatha Christie similarly wrote the novel The Pilot,“Ryan Johnson said,”We can do this with Blanc and create new mysteries, you know, a whole new cast, a whole new location, a whole new mystery, that’s just another Bennett Blanc mystery. There are so many different things you can do with it.“Johnson continued:”For example you see the books of Agatha Christie, it is a dwelling like everyone else, and a family and not a library and detective. In addition to the settings, he also explored a bunch of different sub-genres, and then The Way is no longer a slasher film, it’s basically a horror movie; ABC Murders is a kind of proto-serial killer movie. He found a very different way of describing each of them.“Leslie Odom Jr. will be seen next time People with the best singing voices Prequel The Sons of Newark, Which will hit theaters and HBO Max September 24, 2021.


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