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Michelle Obama backs Vanessa Bryant and ‘Mambachita’ in sensitive message


The former first lady of the United States showed her support Vanessa Bryant After wearing an embroidered hoodie with pride and he also talks about the tragedy that went through another woman. As soon as she said this, Michelle revealed that she had ‘thought a lot’ about the huge damage that Vanessa had suffered.

As you know, her husband, the legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant And their 13-year-old second son and daughter died in a helicopter crash early last year.

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And since Michelle herself is a wife and a mother, she has not been able to empathize on another level with what Vanessa has done.

So, yesterday, she wrote in a touching message dedicated to her friend on her IG account: ‘As a wife and mother I thought a lot about what Vanessa Bryant was going through this past year.’

Her post comes after Vanessa’s speech on the posthumous inclusion of Quem on May 15th at the Na Myth Memorial Basketball Basketball Hall held on May 15th.

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The former flotus admits that “this weekend I was touched by his speech at the Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony in honor of Kobe.”

As mentioned earlier, Michelle also ridiculed an Mbachita Hoody in her IG post.

The brand was Vanessa’s way of not only continuing her husband’s legacy, but helping young athletes pursue their dreams.

After all, his late daughter Gigi was just as interested and talented in basketball as his father, and he used ‘Mambachita’ as his nickname on the court, which was certainly inspired by his father’s ‘Black Mamba’ nickname.

As a result, after the tragedy, Vanessa decided to name Kobe’s Mama Sports Foundation after the MBA and Mbachita Sports Foundation in honor of her daughter’s memory.

In addition, Vanessa started a streetwear collection in collaboration with Daniejo to raise money for the foundation, also known as ‘Mamabachita’.

Hoody Michelle came from the outfit she was wearing and used the opportunity to support the brand and what Vanessa is doing with it. For more information, check out the IG post above!



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