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Contact a company you have never heard of that will support your health visit


Behind the many direct-consumer health products, a little-known company is making huge profits. Austin-based startup builds network of clinics for digital health startups as a ‘white label’ service.

The company recently raised $ 50 million in support of Lightspeed Ventures. He plans to raise the money for the group and build more virtual care partnerships, CEO Michel Davey wrote in an email.

Dr. Ling Wong, a senior advisor to Latisped, who joins the board of directors of the company, said: Michel and his team are basically building a new healthcare infrastructure that will determine and enable successful virtual care.

Wheel business grew by more than 300% every year, partly due to the recent influx of money into digital health. Last year, the company made about half a million visits.

It takes an average of 15 months to start Virtual Care without mentioning the state licensing rules and navigation headaches. With so many companies running their own televisions, there is a growing market for companies like Will.

“We often work with companies not only to launch their virtual care services, but also to help them grow their businesses – managing increases in patient needs or expanding into new healthcare services,” Davy wrote in an email.

Although you do not name the company’s customers, many of them may seem familiar. It works with a startup to connect LGBTQ pads with certified primary care clinics to ensure certified care. On the other hand, a large brick and mortar clinic is helping to expand virtual care. In the near future, Will also plans to work with traditional health care providers.

We have also seen significant growth with companies outside the healthcare industry, with the potential to expand into virtual care. For example, a delivery service that can deliver medicine and refill prescriptions, ”she wrote.

Over the past year, Will has found his own ways to expand. Added behavioral health services, and opened a white-posted virtual care platform to support similar and asynchronous visits. Going forward, the company plans to expand to more specialized, triage and frontline care.

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