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The Glasgow covid lawsuit is close to Level 4 reception and closure of the shop


Now corona virus The level of litigation in Glasgow is close to Level 4 closure – which means that the city’s tourist resorts have to be closed again and only the necessary shops are allowed to remain open.

Recent Public Health Scotland statistics show that the number of cases in seven days in Glasgow has increased to 133.3 cases per 100,000 people – compared to the number of people tested between May 14 and May 20.

This comes as a result of concerns about a new species of Indian covid, which is believed to be causing the disease in the south.

That figure is not far from the 150 cases in each case where the Scottish authorities ‘could’ finish four bans according to Scottish Government modern frame – which was redesigned in March this year.

Glasgow, along with the rest of the country, just moved to Level 3 bans back on April 26.

Returning to Level 4 closure could mean nearby activities (excluding hairdressers and barbers), gyms and baths, study areas and all tourist attractions should be closed, and Glaswegians are not allowed to travel outside the city unless a valid reason for visiting ”such as going to work or helping the victim.

It comes after the new Secretary of Health Humza Yousaf said he understood why the people of Glaswegians are “sorry” for being stored under Level 3 restrictions while all parts of Scotland are now below Level 2 limits.

He told BBC Radio Scotland this morning: “It’s very difficult and I understand why people in Glasgow are feeling frustrated. But I just want to give you a promise and assurance – no one in government wants to keep everyone under ban longer than it should.

“The reason we have made decisions in line with Glasgow is that we see the need for a new species, the April 02 virus, which is thought to be contagious.

Yousaf seems to be saying that the Scottish Government is watching too closely hospitalization and increased admission to the ICU Currently testing and vaccination is on the rise in Glasgow amidst the challenges of diversity in India.

He added: “The reason we decided to keep Glasgow in Level 3 next week is because we are working with other countries in the UK to understand a little bit of the change, April 02. The big question is, once the vaccine is released, do these new varieties bring more hospitals and diseases dangerous people who need to be admitted to the ICU?

“If the answer to this question, which I hope is, is not, then we can look at what we can do to reduce future barriers. But I promise you that none of us would be happy with the Government keeping the territory. For a country banned for one minute more than it should be.”



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