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Senior Ball, NFL hold a group of the best players from historically black colleges and universities


MOBILE, Ala. The Senior Bowl and NFL will hold a first draft of major potential clients from historically black colleges and universities next January.

The combination of the inaugural HBCU, scheduled for January 28-29 in 2022, will be similar to the NFL with field and medical interviews and assessments.

It will take place at the University of Southern Alabama and feature players selected from four HBCU conferences – the Southwest Athletes Conference, the Middle East Athletic Conference, the Intercollegiate Athletic Conference and the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Conference – and other HBCU institutions.

The first scheduled HBCU group has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The HBCU Survey Committee, made up of current and former executives, will evaluate and select the respondents. The Senior Bowl will provide medical and football staff to gather initial draft information.

The match was scheduled for February 5, 2022.

“Over the years, the Senior Bowl has been a showcase for some of the best black college football players in America, including seven of our game’s 56 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the event will help many other HBCU players,” Jim Nagy said. , CEO of the game, “securing more interest and exposure from all 32 teams.”

No player drafted from HBCU in 2021, and the only player selected in 2020 went to Round 7. Alabama line of attack Titus Howard It was a pick from the first round by Houston Texas In 2019 after participating in Senior Ball.

“Throughout the history of the NFL, athletes at HBCU have set a model for excellence on and off the field,” said Troy Vincent, executive vice president of NFL football operations. “The HBCU Combine is part of honoring this legacy and making every effort to expedite the HBCU draft offer to all NFL clubs. The game is best when everyone has the opportunity to compete.”



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