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La Trila Barbecue Memorial Day opens in the Miami Lakes weekend



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Thanks to La Traila Barbecue, which officially opens this Saturday, May 29, this weekend, you will find out what the Sun of Happiness is all about.

La Trala was founded by Melin Rodriguez and Buffalo Bills, a wide receiver by Isaiah McKenzie, and the second by a Miami native. His friends met Rodriguez’s girlfriend, Chantel, and discovered that they loved to cook.

Rodriguez, the owner of a 20-foot smoker he bought in Austin, landed in Miami. Linn In early 2020, COVID was spilled on the ground and his cigarette was lying in his friend’s yard.

When South Florida opened, Rodriguez and McKenzie started serving barbecues. “After I cooked for friends and family, he came to me – maybe this is my call. People loved him, ”says Rodriguez New Times.

Rodriguez decided to stay in Miami.

He said that if he had not bought a cigarette, I would have had the opportunity to return to Austin, adding that he would have missed it if he had not started his own barbecue in Texas. The realm of sunlight. Cuban sandwiches are just like the ones for Miami. He says we only wish.

In the summer of 2020, La Traila popped up. The demand for food trucks increased, and it became clear that bricks and mortar were the way to go. A place was guarded on NW 154th Street, west of Palmeto Expressway.

At the Tri Trila Meat Forum.

At the Tri Trila Meat Forum.

Photo by Andrea Greco

Menu items range from $ 8 to $ 32. While cooking, Rodriguez hates wasting any food. Working with sustainable thinking to create one or more foods often restores ground or smoked meats.

He explains: “For example, we make pork chops from green pork chops, or cube brisket cooked in Mexican grocery.”

If there is one food you must try for Instagram, it is the bright sun ($ 14). For a great meal, the dish starts with a base of mashed and toasted corn on the cob with corn and roasted beans, followed by cottage cheese, smoked brussels sprouts, homemade cheese and cream.

If you are hungry, the barbecue pile is three times the meat risk. Smoked sausage, chopped brisket and shredded pork are placed on a plate and sprinkled with onions, minced onions and pickles.

Then there is Rodriguez’s favorite Texas Trinity dish with slow-roasted breast, beef ribs, shredded pork, jala ቾ cho cedar sausage, pork ribs and garlic pork. “A very generous meal for four to six people,” says Rodriguez.

Meat-free diners were greeted with a “smoky smoked” burger, cowboy salad and “all-natural” (smoked jack fruit at home and a pile of onions and salt) with vegetarian-friendly choices.

Rodriguez said: “We cannot wait for you to serve our community and beyond and count the many carefully prepared and implemented flavors. “It’s our labor and we can’t wait to share it!”

Trila Barbecue. 8030 NW 154th St., Miami Lakes; latrailabbq.com. Tuesday to Friday 7 am to 10 pm; Saturday 9 am to 10 pm Saturday 29 May.

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