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Advent Health, Sema 4 Partner


One of the largest health systems in the country is collaborating with an analytics company in an effort to unlock the potential of medicine.

Florida-based Almonds Springs Adventheads It was announced on Tuesday Collaboration with Sema 4 To start an informed treatment plan.

Glenn Farrell, General Manager of the Committee and Vice President of Research Strategy, said the collaboration focuses on the structure and observance of genomic and clinical data. Sema4, E-mail organizations use the information to facilitate new research insights and to support a variety of clinical initiatives.

Sema4 uses Centrell’s data analytics platform to build on Adverhel’s existing genomics and personalized healthcare program, says Farrell. The forum will use artificial intelligence tools to structure and integrate patient information with molecular experimental data, creating disease progression and predictive data and models for treatment.

Dr. Steven R. Smith, Head of Science, said: “This technology and collaboration will enable us to translate extensive clinical, genetic and other patient information into the search and delivery of life-saving treatments for patients who have not previously had access to these options. Advent Health, in the news media.

Initially, the partnership will focus on building on Adverhell’s efforts Full Me Program, A DNA study of the health system launched in Florida. The main goal of the study was to identify changes in patient behavior when they were given a genetic predisposition to their health.

AdventHealth and Sema 4 are also looking to be able to focus on reproductive health and hereditary cancer.

Accuracy Drug Program Advances and Sema 4 are first-time partners.

“Advent Health is one of the first health systems to align with our view that genomics and personal medicine are critical to healthy outcomes,” Farrell said. In all our discussions with Advent Health, we were impressed by his long and strong commitment to genomics, precision medicine, and patient care.

The program will initially begin in the Adverhel Orlando area network, which includes more than 20 hospitals and emergency rooms. It will then be expanded to other facilities within the health system 50 hospital network.

Demand for information-based personalized treatment programs seems to be growing among providers. This is the second such collaboration by Sema4, which has been in partnership with AdventHealth for about a month. April The company has become a partner North Shore University Health System in Ivanston, Illinois to start a genomic program.

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