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12 great salads for summer in Metro Phoenix



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The Great Phoenician area is nothing like Reggi where you were He couldn’t even get a big salad. Whole food salads are on the menu in the valley – sometimes in restaurants that clearly offer good salad choices, but in some places they may be surprising.

Here is a quick list of 12 places with some of the best salads in town in the spirit of greenery.

The main chop

Citizenship and a sense of happiness
7111 East 5th Street, Scottsdale
2201 East Camel Road

This salad is very good and has its own Facebook page And T-shirts – and the focus is on fairness. Served cold, this salad is a well-organized affair, with each ingredient reaching your table in a clean little line. Additions include Alaska smoked salmon, Israeli pearl couscous, shredded arugula, pepitas, frozen corn and tomatoes. Of course, it’s a simple recipe – everything just blends in with the pecinoino romaine dressing – but the balance of taste and texture means we can never resist ordering it. The dish originates on Cowboy Siwa and lives on Citizen Public House And Gladley.

Cut the salad

Another coffee
6035 North Seventh Avenue

If you want something simpler than burrito when you hit Chef Doug Robson Another coffee, We recommend Cortadon salad. Eggs, cheddar, chilled peas and corn are mixed with lamoresa and green cream, homemade, herb butter. It is also perfectly paired with one of Otro’s famous margaritas – or two, because no one judges.

Reggae farms chicken salad

White bread
4404 North Central Ave.

This is not your grandfather’s chicken salad. Tender chicken is mixed with mustard seeds, chopped vegetables, apples, basil and red onions and seasoned with salty and peppery tomatoes and a simple but delicious balsamic dressing. It is not very heavy, but it is completely satisfying, available for eating or taking White bread – The choice is yours, and we promise you it will taste good wherever you dig.

Be sure to order lemon paste with cornstarch.Stretch

Be sure to order a lemon paste dress with cornstarch.

Lauren Kusimano

Greek salad

Cornish Paste Co
Many places

Yes, this is a local chain of good English pubs known for pasta and cocktails, but the group here can also intimidate the medium salad. In fact, a general of Cornish Paste The menu is for large green, vegetable and protein bowls – no. Greek salad with mixed greens, feta, lentils, olives, onions, cherry tomatoes and custard. We suggest the lemon paste dressing – a creamy green dream in a cup. Feel free to add chicken, extra vegetables, vegan chicken, grilled turkey, beef, mojo jack fruit, pork and sashimi or salmon.

Ornamental salads

3243 North Third Avenue

Red and green pearl salad comes with bitter radish just to fill this lunch and dinner with buttered blue cheese, juicy tomatoes and whipped cream. Okotillo In Central Phoenix. But this salad is not bad for the heart. It is a hearty delicacy and comes with avocados, eggs and beef.

Chinese chicken salad

Many places

They don’t look like a burger bar Zinberger To get a great Asian chicken salad, we promise it will be worth it. Julienne carrots, bell peppers and chopped mandarins are tossed in a mixture of green and red cabbage, then stuffed with hot fried chicken, Asian sesame ginger paired with Our Lady’s dressing, sesame seeds – and perhaps the most important crisp just right for sprinkling crispy chips.

Favorite Poultry Salad from George Kitchen.

Favorite Poultry Salad from George Kitchen.

Jacob Tyler Dunn

Poultry salad

George’s Kitchen
6102 North 16th Avenue

One of the special lunches is George’s Kitchen, A family-owned, modern Greek restaurant in Phoenix, is a chicken salad – and if you taste it, you will usually spend lunch in the soft dining room (although there is a delivery service). The salad consisted of organic mixed greens mixed with tomatoes, onions, lentils, peppers, cucumbers and bell peppers. The greens are served with a generous amount of free, fried chicken breast and under French cuisine to satisfy even the biggest ice cream.

Peas sliced ​​pocket tuna

The house of deceit
114 East Seventh Avenue, Tempe

as if The house of deceitYou need to take a deep breath before you can read all the ingredients in Bahir Dar Wasabi Pea-Cruised Saku Tuna. Parsley peas, shredded peas, and more spice are garnished with spring mix, fresh tomatoes, avocados, sliced ​​pumpkin, edame, winter chips, and yes, with Shakespeare Miso and garnished with fresh chopped pepper. . Wabibi peas and imadame give this salad an unmistakable Japanese vibe, and this salad is light, but we love the flavors that are far from light.

Vegan Caesar

The son of a flower
Many places

The son of a flower Like everyone else, your vegan salad options are on the lock Vegan restaurants through the great Phoenix. Well-dressed, but not overcooked, it is paired with tomatoes, cauliflower, and a little bit of earthly sunflower seeds in a more salty Caesar dressing, spinach and romaine salads. You may miss the traditional Parmesan cheese, but adding cream avocado will help you forget about it.

Steak salad in Phoenix.Stretch

Steak salad in Phoenix.

Jacob Tyler Dunn

Fenny Steak Salad

Fenny Restaurant and Bar
6314 North 12th Avenue

Part of it may come Of Phoenix Feelings of the old world, but the main reason is probably the menu – the fennel steak salad. Fenny steak salad comes with plenty of julienne vegetables (thin slices of vegetables such as carrots and onions), tomatoes, cucumbers and juices, and sliced ​​beef tenderloin. The dish is topped with plenty of cheese and Greek dressing.

Bit Chop

Original Chopsp
Many places

Home Chop by Original Chopsp Filled with golden beans, as well as homemade greens, arugula, pickled apples, goat cheese, cashew and golden raisins. The cashiers complete the mix, giving each bite a strong frustration that goes well with the citrus-red wine. We are all about gold, especially peers.

Green garden kale

4455 East Camel Back Road

This simple but tasty salad by Henry If you erode romancosco, broccoli, peas, green beans, Brussels sprouts, arugula, pistachios and tahini vinaret, it will make a good base for you. Unlike some hard-boiled kale, everything in this salad is sliced ​​into bite-sized pieces, and the slightly bitter taste of the carrot is balanced by the vinegar.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in June 20, 2016. Updated May 29, 2021.

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