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North Philadelphia Furniture Store Launches Modern Republic Binary on Gerard Street


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A Persian designer from Germantaw and Chester contractor entered the flea market.

It’s not the opening line for a father’s joke. It is a precursor to the medieval furniture stores of Kenya’s Abdul-Hadi and Steven Brown. The two men sell estate, flea markets, auctions and their friends ‘and neighbors’ houses for back and antique furniture. $ 3,500 Frank Lloyd Wright frieze For example, from the beginning of the 20th century – to resell the brand of the modern republic.

Three years ago, during the epidemic, the weekend was marked by a series of catastrophic floods. …………………………………………………………

Friday The Modern Republic as if New, great place On the 16th and Gerard.

Inside, consumers find large, brightly colored walls, muted neutral or brightly colored corners, and chairs, tables, and lamps above the head. One arch wall is yellow, and the other is orange. There is a long, round, royal blue sofa for sale. The floor was painted in black and white.

Most of the products are from the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s. There are more harvest pieces, such as the 1930s Bauhaus, and a few more products from the 1980s, such as postmodern style furniture. “But our main thing is the middle ground,” Abdul-Hadi said [20th] Century ”

When the two men enter the flea market and the estate for sale or food, they are usually the only black people there.

“I’m sure we will love less than 1% of this nationwide in this business,” Brown said.

Instead of being an obstacle, Brown and Abdul-Hadi say their lineage has given a new perspective to the industry.

“You will have the opportunity to go beyond that person’s expectations or expectations,” Abdul-Hadi said. Both are deliberately intended for the areas they have chosen and what they will add to the mission of the modern republic.

“This is the pride of being in northern Philadelphia,” Abdul-Hadi said. “When you think of North Philadelphia, you think of guns, drugs, and all sorts of bad things, but we’re here to tell you a new story. We change the way he looks, we change the way people expect it. ”

Kimberly Pioneer / Why?

The sale of furniture and furnishings is a secondary business for friends.

After earning a degree from Howard University, 52-year-old Abdul-Hadi developed and developed a range of local products, including the extreme classical Miskin Original. It is an internationally recognized brand Dressed by rappers and celebrities in the early 2000s.

Brown, 47, has been a contractor for decades and has helped design and design kitchens and bathrooms for clients. Age and maturity are the ones that each of them sends out after their new career paths.

“It was like this to me,” said Brown. “Like me, I don’t want to be around 60 years old. I do not want to continue beating my body like this. ”

Abdul-Hadi, who has years of experience in hip-hop and the arts scene, says he is ready for a quick change.

“I wanted to do something a little more mature, a little more stable,” he said, adding that home decor was “more satisfying than chasing an 18-year-old and spending money on clothes.”

The result is unusual and now successfully explodes into home and design. The modern republic officially began in 2018 with a series of weekly events at Brooklyn Fly.

The two initially tried to attract attention in Philly, but at the time, they said, there was no market for the colorful, unique, and often expensive furniture they offered.

Abdul-Hadi said, “We know that our style and our sense of design do not really appreciate this.” They don’t even look at him, they refuse to pay the price. ”

New York residents agreed, and the men set up shop there for two years until COVID stopped doing things. One day in March last year, on Wednesday, Brown and Abdul-Hadi were told they could sell on weekends. They had to bring their belongings by Sunday.

The door opened to another door. The epidemic has renewed public demand for housing and design. “It has increased the sales of the modern republic by 100%,” Brown said.

Abdulhadi added that “emissions and boundaries” made the design of the house… or lack thereof a reality during the neutral period. Abdul-Hadi: “While you are at home, you are saying, ‘Yo, I am at home, I do not have a table, I do not have a chair.’ “’Yo, my house is Corney! ‘”

Your average home is not a good store
Kimberly Pioneer / Why?

In the modern republic, two people used the general population to focus on the home.

After its closure in Brooklyn, the first Philly-based display room at the Floyd and Save Dergods Building was opened at 3103 W. Glenwood Ave. Search and Rescue owned by Tawfiq Genes is a common place for artisans, collectors and antique sellers to sell art, antique clothing and furniture. The area around Brown and Abdul-Hadi was about 1,700 square meters.

The new store, unveiled this week, is located in the old temple in the Civic Building, a 1600 W. Girard Ave. Brown’s self-contained shelf system.

With the advent of new areas and transplants, demographics are changing and both areas are exciting. Still, the neighbors are less traditional places for high-end furniture stores, with Brown and Hadi recognizing it.

In Brewerytown and Yorktown, where the new store is located, middle-income households have actually declined slightly over the past decade. Linn Between 2005 and 2009 it was less than $ 23k and between 2014 and 2018 it was less than $ 22k. A census study was found.

At the same time, the average home prices in Beer Beta rose from $ 59,000 in 2011 to $ 105,000 in 2016, and property sales increased. According to the questioner. The neighborhoods are economically and professionally diverse, and they were just before the renovation, but middle-income earners remain among the lowest in the city.

“People in northern Philadelphia do not expect good because this is a boast for us,” said Abdul-Hadi. So, it is good to be able to say, ‘No, we are going north.’ ”

For Coffee and Abdul-Hadi, that is the theme of their journey.

Both men grew up in what Abdul-Hadi called “rough places.” He was born in the Germanta Brick neighborhood and grew up in Chester Bennett. Because of their ancestral history, they say, the purpose of the modern republic goes beyond luxury.

“It’s about good design inputs, good ethics and good behavior,” Abdul-Hadi said. “I think what the community really wants. People need to be better. ”

He continued: “You do not have to be rich to be good. You don’t have to be poor to be good. You have to live and it means ‘I want to promise to try to be good’. ”

Both jewelry and furniture are for sale
Kimberly Pioneer / Why?
Adding character at home hopes to inspire modern Republic co-owners
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A custom built-in shelf system keeps some veggies 12 feet off the ground
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Here are the things that make you beautiful
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The new store has a 5,000-foot display space
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Some collections of modern republics are muted earth sounds
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Furniture, art and decor sold in the modern republic
Kimberly Pioneer / Why?
Entrance of the Modern Republic on the 1600 West Gard block
Kimberly Pioneer / Why?
Commonwealth Republicans Steven Brown (left) and Kenya Abdul-Hadi (right)
Kimberly Pioneer / Why?


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