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New Zealand to host Australia’s first meeting since epidemic


Christchurch, New Zealand – The growing controversy with China and how to reopen borders after the epidemic will be among the topics discussed by Australian and New Zealand leaders for the first time since the outbreak of the cholera virus. Close their borders.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison arrived for the Queen’s one-night visit on Sunday. He greeted his New Zealand counterpart Jassinda Arder in the traditional Maori Hong Kong, with a pair of nostrils pressed together.

Morrison is the first world leader to visit New Zealand since the two countries closed their borders last year to control the virus. Neighbors’ outbreak of the virus in Melbourne last month prompted New Zealand to suspend its preparations with Victoria, but the neighbors launched a quarantine-free travel bubble last month.

Morison’s visit came as New Zealand witnessed heavy flooding in the Canterbury region following heavy rains. Video footage showed a farmer being rescued by a helicopter from an angry river, while other swollen rivers flooded thousands of homes.

As New Zealand sought to revive its battered tourism industry, the royal convention was intended for the convention. Although tourism operators say they are expecting more from Australian tourists during the upcoming ski season, the queen has been particularly affected by the epidemic. The travel bubble has begun.

The volatile situation with China has been a major topic of discussion in both countries.

Australia’s relations with China have deteriorated. China bans some Australian products from China after telecom isolation of telecommunications company Huawei from China, calls for an independent investigation into the origins of coronavirus.

In recent months, New Zealand has become more open-minded about China in some respects, although it still has better relations with superpowers than Australia.

Arder said she would talk to Morrison about epidemic recovery, as well as key environmental challenges and security issues.

“Our relationship with Australia is very close and very important and this has never been clearer during these difficult times in the world,” Arder told reporters.



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