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Gaza and West Bank, Mexico and Canada regions to receive 25 million COVID vaccine doses from Biden


US officials have announced plans to distribute the first wave of 80 million COVID-19 Vaccine supplements amid an effort to boost global vaccine supply and combat more-infectious forms coronavirus Universal pandemic.

Doses will be allocated from federal supplies, not those shipped to the states. US to supply doses to Kovax from Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer vaccines World Health OrganizationU.S. vaccination efforts, and send another wave of vaccines directly to many other countries and territories.

According to the White House, about 75 percent of the first wave of 25 million doses to be distributed will be shared with Kovax.

Among them, 6 million doses will be targeted to South and Central American countries including Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Panama, as well as Haiti and the Dominican Republic. .

Another 7 million doses of Covax will go to Asia, including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Maldives, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan and the Pacific Islands.

The Covax effort will also receive 5 million doses for Africa to be shared among countries selected by the African Union.

The US will also send 6 million doses directly to Mexico, Canada and the Republic of Korea, the West Bank and Gaza, Ukraine, Kosovo, Haiti, Georgia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Yemen. Those doses are aimed at “increasing countries that are in crisis, and facing other partners and neighbors”, the president said. Joe Biden said in a statement on Thursday.

Vaccines in that installment will also support UN frontline workers.

The president said the distribution would lay the groundwork for “increased global coverage and real and potential surges, high burden of disease and meeting the needs of the most vulnerable countries”.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters on Thursday that the US “will not use its vaccines to secure favor in other countries.”

The announcement of the first phase of the US delivery plan comes ahead of Mr Biden’s first overseas trip as president to attend the G7 summit in Britain and the NATO summit in Brussels.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 168 million people in the US have received at least one dose of the three available vaccines.

Roughly 138 million have been fully vaccinated, or have received two doses of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, with more than half the US adult population completely free of disease.

Daily vaccination rates have declined after a peak in April, as demand slackened among some Americans and officials, who want to vaccinate hard-to-reach populations and deal with hesitation and misinformation and disinformation about vaccines. coordinate efforts.


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