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Frank Lampard reveals he is proud of his Chelsea job despite being sacked


lafrance lampard has said that his dismissal as Chelsea boss is the essence of the “brutal reality” of top-level football, but he is “proud” of his work.

42 year old turned Thomas Tuchel At Chelsea after only 18 months as Blues manager. He took over at the club at the start of the 2019/20 season and has enjoyed a successful stint in charge of Derby County.

But what Lampard did at Chelsea will never be forgotten. He served under a transfer ban, lost his best player to Eden Hazard and brought Chelsea to the squad. That process saw them still qualify for the Champions League.

During BBC coverage england vs croatia, Lampard was asked how he felt about being sacked. He stressed that he is “proud” of the work he has done:

“Obviously you never want to lose a job, I’m in great company at Chelsea. It happens. It’s the brutal reality of football at the top level.

“It’s been a few months now, with Reflection, it’s been nice to spend some time out of the game. I am very proud of the work I have done, it was an honor to manage the club.

Frank Lampard was only in charge of Chelsea for 18 months (Photo by Getty Images)

“I came through tough times with the ban and loss to Eden Hazard and worked really hard to get into the Champions League and Mason [Mount]Developing young players was a big deal for me.

“I’m happy. You don’t want to lose your job but it’s a huge experience for me.

“I would say when I saw [the Champions League final]First I am a Chelsea person, Chelsea fans are happy and the club deserves it.

“But the other thing is to see Mason and Rees perform at that level. People like Mendy, Thiago and Chilwell who came in my time make me very proud. But again it’s a great achievement by them and well managed by.”


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