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Meet The Blacks 2 Debut Tops Specialty Box Office – Deadline


hidden empire film groupKey Comedy/Horror Romp House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2 Scared $1.064M Opening Weekend (per screen average $2,533) with writer-director deion taylor And his team is still working on where and how much to increase the run – but they will expand it. Taylor is thrilled with $$, though he and others in the indie space acknowledged Sunday that the ongoing distancing restrictions in major New York and LA are a major bummer.

“We realized that this weekend, because we sold out the theaters. People couldn’t see it. They had to come back later or the next day,” Taylor told Deadline. The film needed more capacity. “That’s the next thing we have to figure out — how to fill the theaters.”

He said the sold-out shows were testament to the film’s “core audience who never served him movies.” Hidden Empire oversaw a highly-targeted rollout And with Mike Epps in the marketing push for the Black demo for the film, Carl Black encounters a neighbor from hell (Kat Williams), a pimp who may also be a vampire. this is a follow up meet blacks From 2016.

It is not on PVOD. “I feel sorry for anyone who bets against the theatrical world. This is America’s entertainment. You may not be able to afford a trip or go to a fancy restaurant, but you can enjoy your friends and wife or Can go to a movie with a girlfriend,” Taylor said.

Starring Ellen Burstyn Queen Bee, also targeted (for older demos) starting at $328,300 across 500 locations for an average per screen of $657.

“We’re thrilled to be having a blast with kids, parents and grandchildren Queen Bee. With 97% positivity on Rotten Tomatoes, this fun film is the perfect family antidote and we look forward to releasing it in more theaters next week and throughout the summer,” said Nolan Gallagher, Founder-CEO of Gravitas Ventures.

Queen Bee Day to Day was released Friday on PVOD ($19.99) via Universal Home Releasing.

bees Total Interiors was at the high end of estimates as good-sized chains such as Cinemark, Marcus, Harkins and Cinepolis favored paintings that benefited from a niche within the niche. “We have run the film in markets across the country we felt served our target audience well,” Nolan said, and will be adding “hundreds” more screens next week.

Sunday matinee numbers are looking pretty strong, so weekend totals could come in higher than anticipated. Phoenix was the top market on a per screen basis.

Burstyn plays independent senior Helen who temporarily moves to a nearby retirement community while her home is repaired. Sensual widows, throttling tournaments and mean girls bullied make him crave a home but he finds it’s never too late to make new friends.

Elsewhere, Sony Pictures Classics 12 Mighty Orphans (Week 1) also grossed $254,314 on 132 screens with a per-screen average of $1,949. The Fort-Worth-based sports tale starring Luke Wilson and Martin Sheen opened in just one state — Texas — but it’s widening to nearly 800 screens this coming Friday.

Newcomer To sublet Will display about $16,300 on 25 screens this weekend and produce the best results with about $3,000 in NYC’s Quad. Edward Arentz, co-president of Greenwich Entertainment, the film’s distributor, said, “Overall it’s nothing to be excited about, but the quad number is in line with the somewhat better NYC exclusive runs we’ve seen recently.”

According to theatrical distribution executive, there is still not much visibility in the particular market, which remains a case-by-case proposition.

A rising wave however lifts all boats and one execution was delighted to see three big movies cross the $10 million mark in 3,000+ theaters – A Quite Place Part IIhandjob in the heights and Peter Rabbit 2: Runaway Run (any negative in the heights Notwithstanding).

a quiet place, Estimated $11.69M last weekend and pushed $109M through Sunday Could the Gateway movie be the one that helps the slow go back to theatres?

“I have a lot of friends who haven’t gone to see the movie since parasites, and that was the first person they saw. Me too,” said one exec.

Still waiting for official confirmation of some movies, will update…


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