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This 100-Year-Old Building Is a Thriving Park, Store, and More


A brand new PARK store in of china Guandong Province exemplifies how modern life, cutting-edge design and nature can come together and exist in harmony. This store has no boundaries with nature, and shows how the past can become the future.

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DUTS DESIGN Completed this project, an extensive refurbishment of a century-old home that has become a colorful, trendy store. But it is much more than just a store. It is a place for gathering, for fashion and to enjoy nature.

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There are trees on both sides in front of the brick shop.

Fashion is provided by Balbala. of storefront Architecture Draws from Eastern and Western influences while incorporating modern and traditional designs. Small details such as brick carvings, sculptures, gables and dragon-designed gates demonstrate the integration of these styles. The silhouette of the design mimics traditional housing in the area.

On the left, a green wall near the steel staircase.  To the right is a children's clothing store.

Existing elements of the building were salvaged. This includes the façade, which was retained almost entirely. a Brick The carvings on the ceiling represent the eight immortals crossing the ocean. It has been completely retained.

Children's clothing store with futuristic style and blue lighting.

The design is based on a traditional concept: three halls with three courtyards. Has a central axis that makes it easy to reach the exterior courtyards and the inner courtyard. The beauty of the natural world is all around. Meanwhile, the busy city is right outside.

A park by Balabala in neon blue and yellow, in front of a glass wall covering green plants.

A green wall creates miniature tropical showers using plants Forest. The steel staircase is transparent to provide an airy, open feeling. Mirrors throughout the space create a feeling of being surrounded by the vastness of nature.

To the left, a gray hallway with glass boxes surrounded by green plants.  To the right, a connected yellow staircase.

Gray bricks represent the past and are integrated into the design with modern metals. Bright pops of yellow make the space lively and refreshing. There is also a children’s play area, space for afternoon tea, coffee bar, retail space and more. This lifestyle center marries commerce, public places, green design and entertain in a place where visitors can shop, relax and have fun.

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photography by jack quinn



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