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Vivo and UEFA call on fans to create, capture and share beautiful moments from UEFA EURO 2020


As football fans eagerly await the return of UEFA Euro 2020, which begins on June 11, 2021, Vivo wants to help fans create, capture and share beautiful moments surrounding the tournament.

Launching today, the brand has launched #ToBeautifulMoments and #vivoSuperTime social activism in support of ex-England star Michael Owen, asking fans to share their chants, cheers and applause for the opportunity to appear at the tournament’s closing ceremony Has been called Vivo.

Bringing People Together Through the Love of Sports

Party time: Vivo’s activism is bringing people together

Owen of UEFA Euro said, “The virtue of football, it brings people from all over the world, from different backgrounds, from different teams, together in the name of sportsmanship, which makes it a truly beautiful sport. ” 2020 Ambassador. “While the experience will be different this year, I am excited to be associated with Vivo to encourage fans to live in the moment and bring their energy and passion to one of the most beautiful moments of the tournament.”

Fans submitting their videos and photos on social media with the #ToBeautifulMoments and #vivoSuperTime hashtags can be shown in an exquisite virtual performance during the telecast of the UEFA Euro 2020 closing ceremony on 11 July Whether capturing and sharing the perfect fan selfie or energetic videos of cheers and applause, the task is simple: a photo or video with the hashtags #ToBeautifulMoments and #vivoSuperTime to show your support for Euro 2020 and your favorite national team and players Upload.

During the finale, which will be a combination of live-action and augmented-reality, fan video will be integrated into an engaging visual spectacle and broadcast live to the audience at home.

Together: Vivo is an official partner of UEFA Euro 2020

Together: Vivo is an official partner of UEFA Euro 2020

“Football is back, and has never been more eager for the dedication, passion and presence of sports fans. Vivo is calling on all football fans to rally once again to celebrate this beautiful moment, and We are thrilled to be able to bring the love of fans to this beautiful game with the help of technology,” said Spark Ni, Senior Vice President and CMO of Vivo.

The #vivoSuperTime initiative is part of the brand’s “Too Beautiful Moments” campaign surrounding this year’s tournament, which brings to life Vivo’s passion for making every moment more magical for its users.

To learn more about the “Too Beautiful Moments” campaign and Vivo’s activism around UEFA EURO 2020, visit https://www.vivo.com/en/activity/euro2020.

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