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Can You Buy an Xbox Mini Fridge?


Here’s what we know about the Xbox Mini fridge, which was announced at E3.

Last year, when Microsoft released its boxy black console, the Xbox Series X, people joked that it looked like a fridge. Others said it looked like a PC, or a trash can, or a monolith from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. (And I invite you to imagine what Microsoft would be building now if the latter idea had taken off.)

Anyway, these are the times when no one can joke online without the corporate giant seizing the opportunity to prove to his fellow kids that he can not only take the joke but use it for fun and profit. can lift.

First Xbox Series X Fridge

So, in October 2020, Xbox gave enthusiastic gamer Snoop Dogg an Xbox Series X fridge For her birthday. The Xbox fridge had come to life! However, this was no mini fridge. It was a massive, 6-foot, 400-pound custom-built device with green interior lights and an Xbox logo on the front.

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Has Been Promised

Press releases were issued, memes were launched and Snoop got a new home appliance.

But the idea to build a mini fridge came about earlier this year through a contest run by Twitter Marketing that encouraged people to vote for which corporate giant should win the #BestOfTweets brand bracket champion.

This nail-biting contest was called off when Xbox tweeted that it would put the Xbox Series X mini fridge into production if it wins over rival Skittles.

As Skittles only offered to bring back their lime-flavored sweet, which clearly can’t compete in any way with a branded mini-fridge, the win went to Xbox, with 50.5% of the vote. With, over 49.5% of Skittles.

So, where can you buy the Xbox mini fridge?

The stage was ready.

At the end of the Xbox Showcase at E3 2021, the mini fridge was announced, a . courtesy of bombing trailer. It will be the “world’s most powerful mini-fridge” and will be available for “Holiday 2021”. And that’s all the information was given.

It certainly appears to be a small fridge, perfect for drinks and snacks, and not some sort of Franken-console.

We don’t know how many fridges will be produced, what they will cost, or if they will be widely available from retailers.

It is possible that they are a limited promotional product, or available only to contest winners, or multi-millionaire hip-hop superstars. However, we imagine that limited production is likely to run on schedule for Christmas retail purchases.

So don’t start making space with your gaming chair just yet. We still have a (now somewhat dusty) spot ready for us KFConsole, yet to be implemented.

In the meantime, if you want an affordable mini fridge for summer, check out Russell Hobbs Portable Mini Cooler. It can also keep chicken warm (we’re not kidding really).



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