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In Episode 5 of Thick House, the rest of the models are impressed by twists, double eliminations and the dreaded snake.


Roommates, We’re Officially Nearing the End of the First Season of ‘Roommates’fat house’ And that means the stakes are higher than ever as Tokara and the rest of the judging panel are closer than ever to choosing the winner! However, this week was full of challenges and twists that test the remaining models more than ever—and not everyone will be able to make the cut.

during ‘fat house‘ competition, the women have faced several weekly challenges, including pairing with sexy male models, channeling their favorite music divas and showcasing their swimsuits in the pool—though whatever happened this week. Nothing has been prepared for them.

After being struck by the shocking news that one of the eliminated contestants was ready to return to the competition, the women didn’t really have time to process the fact that the top three were once again going to be the top four— Because they were also told about the special guest who will be in their photoshoot this week.

Most of the models were not happy when it was revealed that they would be modeling with an intimidating snake, but as soon as they allayed their fear, some managed to create beautiful pictures, while others fell flat.

So who came out on top this week? Which two models were eliminated? And which model got accused of being a diva on set?

You’ll have to tune in to this week’s episode to find out what happens! Kick back, relax and prepare your snacks for episode four. Be sure to tune in every Sunday at 4PM PST to watch the latest episodes and cheer on our beautiful contestants!

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