Home Entertainment Kodak Black shows off the ‘Cardiac’ diamond bracelet he gifted Cardi B.

Kodak Black shows off the ‘Cardiac’ diamond bracelet he gifted Cardi B.


Kodak Black celebrated his 24th birthday on Friday, and while he was celebrating his special day, he took the time to show off a recently gifted piece of jewelry to Cardi B.

Kodak shared a video of the bracelet from Shine Jewelers and said, “Cardi B. I hope you like yo bracelet. #cardiac”

Her caption about the bracelet is also a line in her new song, “Feelin’ Peachy”, which is her “Happy Birthday Kodak KoThe “EP. Diamond Link Charm Bracelet” says the name “Cardiac” and features a Birkin Bag charm, a “Culture” charm that bears the name of Cardi’s daughter, a sniper circle charm, and a hand charm.

The bracelet is in celebration of Cardi’s hit single “Bodak Yellow” Going Diamond from earlier this year. Making Cardi the first female rapper to receive Single Reach RIAA Diamond status.

Those familiar with the song know that it is a flip on Kodak’s “No Flockin'” record, and that the song’s title is also a flip on Kodak’s name.

After the song reached diamond status, Cardi made it clear that Kodak was properly credited for the song, and they both benefit from the record’s success.

as we before this Reportedly, she also said, “A few years ago, I didn’t even understand what it meant to go diamonds. I just wanted to win and break-in. This record changed my life. All those Thanks to those who supported Bodak so much and who bought [the record] Till this day!! That’s why the support you still give, the reason it became this diamond. “

Kodak also celebrated the song’s success in March when it officially became a diamond.

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94


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