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Opposition wins in Finland’s local elections, PM’s party loses


HELSINKI (AP) – An opposition centre-right party came out on top in Finland’s local election on Sunday, ahead of Prime Minister Sanaa.

HELSINKI (AP) – An opposition centre-right party came out on top in Sunday’s local election in Finland, ahead of Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s ruling Social Democratic Party in the first election for a popular youth leader who took office 18 months ago. was.

With all votes counted in the Nordic nation’s municipal election, preliminary results on Monday showed the conservative National Coalition Party took 21.4 percent of the nationwide vote, while the Social Democrats took 17.7 percent and the centrist government member Center Party 14.9 percent, respectively. Voted.

The vote to renew local councils in Finland’s more than 300 municipalities, with some 35,000 candidates running from the northern Lapland region to the autonomous region of the अland Islands in the south, is a significant indicator of the parties’ popularity ahead of the country’s 2023 parliamentary signal is considered. Election.

The elections were the first for Marin as leader of both the government and his party.

She acknowledged that the result was disappointing as support for the Social Democrats was down 1.7 percentage points from the 2017 election, while conservatives managed to increase their support by 0.7 percentage points.

“The result was not as good as I had expected,” Marin told reporters late Sunday. He said he was particularly disappointed with the 55.1% low turnout.

The populist Finns party saw its support increase by 5.6 percentage points from the previous election, to 14.5% of all votes.

Marin, 35, enjoys high popularity in a country of 5.5 million, but the Social Democrats have struggled to attract voters, especially young people, with their agenda.

The two opposition parties were seen as the overall winners of the elections, which were postponed for two months due to Finland’s COVID-19 situation. Marin’s five-party, centre-left coalition government lost all seats except for one member.

The main themes that dominated the local elections were the government’s planned social and health care reform in municipalities, taxation and the implications of Finland’s COVID-19 exit strategy.

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