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Dear Prime Minister Iain Rankin, Nova Scotia – Stand for Freedom Canada


I would like to ask whether a study has been done on this or whether it is planned soon.

Police have the most contact with “anyone and everyone,” and because of the nature of their work, they are often required to perform “close liaison” duties. This letter does not in any way condemn the actions of the police. Only a fact-based perspective that makes them the perfect ‘group’ from which this information is derived.

  • Police are exempt from all covid assignments.
  • They need to be in close contact with many people every day
  • They have to go from person to person
  • They often have to go to homes and businesses
  • They pass tickets back and forth
  • Arresting someone requires physical contact
  • They are often in contact with everyone in quarantine
  • They are always sent to high risk situations.

In Halifax, the HRP department has 531 (taken from the network) sworn police offices (This area in NS has the highest rates of Covid cases and infections). This does not include the RCMP and other Nova Scotia police agencies. I am sure the Premiers office would have much better access to that information than I do.

Has anyone considered this? Or has he done scientific research on information related to the “level of infection” of Nova Scotia police? It is a control group with all sick days and leisure time documented. Not to mention that if they are found to be infected with the covid virus, they must follow all public health guidelines and information related to this information. Could this be taken into account in every police department in Canada?

I would be very interested to have information on the number of infections in the first three months of the pandemic in early 2020. It was a period when we were most harsh performing in the province and Canada. I remember it was also a time when no one had personal protective equipment, including companies and the police, before the face-to-face mandate and other assignments were still in progress.

How many police officers were ill after the pandemic?

Was their illness hard?

How many cops had a positive covid test since March last year?

What is the number of police infections compared to the public covered by the mandates?

thank you


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