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Michael Costello responded to Leona Lewis’s allegations about the designer’s humiliation


Wow! And the plot thickens. We recently reported on Leona Lewis ’claims that Michael Costello and her team made her feel uncomfortable during a dress installation in 2014. After the installation, Leona claimed she didn’t allow her to model the dress during a fashion show, causing her to feel humiliated and insecure for years. It looks like the allegations got back to Michael because he took him to Instagram to dispute them.

In a series of posts, Michael showed receipts, including an email and Instagram message, that Leon was allegedly wearing one of his dresses. She expressed confusion over Leona’s earlier allegations because her team has allegedly asked her for dresses as early as last month.

“If I could make you feel bad in 2014, but you still used my dress and ask them, can we try to figure out what was lost with the dress used in your translation,” Michael wrote. “You looked so beautiful in it.”

As you may already know, people on social media have been at ease with the cyberbullying tweets re-introduced by Chrissy Teigan. After the model had apologized for her actions, Michael set out to share her experience of bullying with her. In his post, Michael included screenshots of the text chain with Chrissy, where he claims to him “racist people like you deserve to suffer and die.” Michael claimed Chrissy’s comments made him think about suicide.

In the round of events, the day after Michael had shared the Chrissy interaction, he was accused of harassing someone else. The black boutique owner said he called him “Black Ni ** er bit **,” which led to a fight.

Leona is now another black woman who publicly claims that Michael has done his fair share of bullying. In response, Michael filmed a video of Leona’s post with a red dress she was designing.

“So confusing in my Michael Costello dress,” Michael said in the video as he played the post. “Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, I’m trying to figure out what happened. I’m still trying to figure it out. Everyone wants to come to me and complain to me and say a whole bunch of things about me, go ahead.”

On Wednesday morning, Leona has not responded to the debate despite Michael’s petitions. However, on Tuesday night, Michael followed his messages with a long statement about his Instagram story. He repeated his previous messages while feeling “blinded” by his comments.

“I’ve lost tons of opportunities, sleepless nights, and I’m not in a good mood,” Michael wrote. “I hope you speak directly to me instead of Instagram, especially when I’m at his most vulnerable. After years of trauma and a blacklist of receipts shown to me by friends and allies, I’ve been suicidal, and I often have no purpose in living.”

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