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RHONY Recap- Sonja calls Ramona a manipulator, accuses her of sending pictures of black women to show she’s not racist


Our women The real housewives of New York are finally finishing their trip to the Hamptons this week. Let’s look at their camp competition and see how they react to the election. FIRST, take your big cocktails so we can all put up with Leah this episode, right?

Leah runs into the house waving his hand like he should be a mime. Heather comes to the house to tell Leah that she won’t let him scare him so easily. He has the ability to be very calm but direct to tell Leah that he finds him stupid. Leah’s tricks aren’t going to chase her out of this show – not yet. Luann thinks Heather should close f * ck. No, the wrong person for STFU!

Leah acts like she’s on the edge because she’s SOOO upset about her grandmother. He seems to be more interested in showing off Carrie-themed exhibition dress and the waste of her good neck wound.

Leah eventually decide to ask what was said. Eboni admits he spelled it wrong, and Heather didn’t say she was Irresponsible because she didn’t vote. Leah basically apologizes to Heather by blaming her sick grandmother instead of owning her own steaming pile of sh * t.

We’ve finally arrived at a Halloween-themed contest. All women have belts that need to be worn to make the best show walk. Ramona is pumping breaks while covering up his money launderers. He has no interest in using anything that disguises his cleavage. Ramona wants to put her best breast forward. Yep, he sure does, and he won’t miss the chance for Mario to see what he is or not is missing.

Ramona on Miss Southampton, Sonja is Miss Middle East, Luann is Miss Sag Harbor, Heather is Miss Upper West, Eboni is Miss City Hall and Leah is Miss Downtown. I think they all have pretty accurate titles.

Luann is just possessing his talent by leveraging his tape spinning skills. He demonstrates his ability to ruin and go back in time to his show days.

Ramona is basically just lifting weights and showing off her arms. Then he breaks out and does 40 push-ups. It’s amazing that he can do so much heart when he has so many Pinot courses in his veins. Does he never dry up?

Leah makes a hula ring for her routine. He basically does nothing special. Heather sings the joy of the “not aggressive” routine. Leah and Eboni have to laugh pretty viciously, and they think it’s a really fitting cry for Heather.

Ebony makes his spoken word and does it quite dramatically. He wonders how when a black woman wins society wins in return. Eboni definitely refers to Kamala, from whom he wants to be the next vice president.

Sonja is a freak funny as a mime. He works “marry, shag, kill” more than you would Charades, but it’s comical. The ebony is able to identify what he is trying to do.

Another second place is Eboni, and he feels robbed. Luann is in first second place and the winner is Miss Downtown, Leah. UGH, Leah is doing a fake show reaction and seems to really believe in her own hype. At ITM, Luann shares that he falsified the results for Leah to win. Leah happily thinks she has won fairly. No, you have a pity sound. Leah decides to own her bad deeds this weekend, and she thanks her friends for tolerating histrionic temperament.

The next morning, Ramona receives a text from Leah whose grandmother died. Leah, of course, could not get home until her grandmother died. She made it clear that filming this show was a priority with her grandmother, who was moving to spend the last moments.

Luann must prevent Ramona from sending an email to Leah before she has a chance to think it through. He never mentions Ramona as an emergency liaison because he doesn’t handle sensitive issues well. Pinot has destroyed Ramona’s susceptibility genes.

Eboni tells the women she talked to Leah. He said he comforted Leah by saying perhaps the best thing was that he didn’t see him when he was so sick. I’m sorry, but Ramona’s skin bothers me. She is covered in zits and it is not good to look for someone who will always advertise their skin care product in this show.

Eboni tells the other women that she may have a long-lost sister named Ashley. He is believed to believe that his biological father was the father of both. Ashley believes Eboni is her family because there is a picture of her in her grandparents ’picture. Eboni wants to delve into this and find out if she’s a little sister.

Luann is happy that Eboni is sharing something so personal with them. Ramona tries to stop Heather from intervening, but she keeps going. Heather wants to apologize for the mistake she made by calling Ebon for articulation. Eboni explains why the comment can be offensive because some black people don’t speak royal English. He does a really good job explaining how saying it could offend, but he doesn’t think Heather was going to offend him.

Leah has her sister Sarah and they talk about the loss of their grandmother. Sarah thinks she looks like a whore at her funeral, but on Wednesday I get Addams ’moods from her. She is macabre and barely smiles.

SUPER-competitive Ramona meets Michael, who was involved One million dollar listing. He wants to work with their agency. Ramona has a vision and she thinks she is natural here. He thinks he needs a sponsor so he can learn the ropes. Michael must teach him the appropriate wording. He has a full-time job that prevents Ramona and his unfiltered self from putting his foot in his mouth.

Leah invites Ebon to practice with Martin. She sobbes as Eboni asks how she endures. Sonja arrives and she greets Martin very warmly. He doesn’t want to throw punches because he honestly doesn’t have the average bone in his body. Sonja gets some motivation to clock her in when Martin starts calling her by the names used by other women. Sonja gets on her boxing career and lets go of all her frustration pushed by Luann and Ramona. Additional note: Is there a uni-boob in Leah ITM?

Eboni really impressed me with his boxing moves. He is bobbing and jabbing down. Leah thinks she’s bad, but I think Eboni could kick Leah a. We could always hope RHONY fight club?

Our women are gone and plan to vote for the presidential election. It is good to see that they all exercised their right to vote. Eboni hopes Kamala to be the first female leader. It is sad to see companies having to close down because of possible riots, but I think this is the price of democracy.

We have now arrived with Ebon election observers to celebrate this significant day. Leah arrives in a black outfit with occasional tulle attached. John F. Kennedy comes to a party that turns out to be our Luann. Too much fun! Luann calls Leah’s outfits to be properly cherished.

OMG, we now have the creepy Sarah. Bravo, STOP trying to make him happen. We can only take so much need to deal with his manic troll sister Leah. We find out that Ramona is not coming to Ebon because she is afraid of riots. Ramona isn’t cheating anyone with this. He hangs out with more than 50 of his conservative friends, no doubt.

Leah has brought her dog Angel with her. The dog behaves just like his mother. Angel is annoying and aggressive. Who would let their dog walk across someone’s coffee table? Eboni thinks Angel is teaching her dog Carrie bad habits. OMG, Leah just said she dressed Morticia in Addams. They are channeling the Addams family!

Eboni wants to hold a night with a Harlem theme to celebrate black culture. He believes it exposes other women to his true spirit, and he finds Harlem to be a superdop.

Sarah had received a text from Leah about the festive garment in which she thought she was holding Satan’s sparkle at the feast of Ebon. He meant to say sequins and sparkles. Leah is glad she figured it out because Sarah would have looked like Harlem the white devil. They both don’t have to use sparkle to look like white devils – their personalities reflect that.

Ramona will call for check-in. He returns to NYC and goes to the Ebon party. Sarah, who constantly performs as an actress, conveys super-randomly that Ramona is a complete hypocrite. Sonja then adds to the conversation and wants to speak her “truth.” He thinks Ramona is a master of manipulation. Sonja doesn’t like handbags for reasons like that.

Sonja believes Ramona has sent photos with black women to fight the story that she is racist. Eboni has grabbed that big time, and you can see his bike turning, so he has another chance to train these women. Eboni feels gullible and basically let down Ramona. Does he know Ramona Singer?

Sonja begins to mock that she hates fakes. He doesn’t like show boats unless he does. Leah is finally recognizing how they may have given Sonja too much strength.

Luann is going to free up space because Sonja has gone over the edge with drinking. Sonja is basically just drunk, and everyone’s eyes lower. Angel has even had enough, and he bites Leah’s nose to make him leave. How did Eboni get stuck with Sonja? Ebony finally takes Sonja out and drops a glass of wine to celebrate the end of this impressive night.

Next week, Victoria tells Luann that she is grateful to be sober. Ebon has a night at the Harlem party. Ramona just can’t connect with Ebon’s feelings about social issues. Please, my friend Blurbers, and see you all next week!



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