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‘Too hot to deal with’ and ‘Love Island’ premiere afternoons; Displays Clash – Deadline


It’s a battle for British reality dating shows like Netflix’s Too hot to handle and the English version Love Island will premiere in a few days.

Produced by Fremantle’s Thames and Talkback, Too hot to handle is first out of blocks. The show premieres on June 23, following the singletons of the Turks and Caicos Islands as they seek love, but are forbidden from kissing, hobbying, and self-gratification.

Netflix will drop season 2 in two installments. The first four will be launched on June 23, while the remaining six lots will be held on June 30. This means that they overlap Love Island, A form of reality exotic location loved by ITV Studios, which premiered on ITV2 in the UK on June 28th.

Season 7 returns to the Spanish island of Mallorca when last summer’s edition was canceled due to a coronavirus pandemic. Fans are eagerly awaiting the show, but it becomes a little sad as it is the first full season since presenter Caroline Flack committed suicide last year.

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Both programs have become bankers for Netflix and ITV. Netflix green for the second third season Too hot to handle after the first became the largest competition show of all time. Love Island is constantly attracting millions of viewers and is a cash pool for ITV, bringing lucrative advertising, sponsorship and product placement opportunities.

On the same day Love Island the next afternoon was revealed, ITV again published the minutes of the competitors’ duty of care. It follows the deaths of Flack and several other former participants, including Mike Thalassitis. ITV’s protocols are nearly identical to those released in 2019 and include detailed pre-broadcast screenings. Competitors will also be offered at least eight therapy sessions upon their return home.


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