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TREE! First look at the new super suits of the Shazam family


First look at Shazam’s super suits! The rage of the gods is here, but the acting department has changed considerably …

We are seriously pampered with DC Comics super suits! First, we were first treated in Batwing Batwoman, now it is an official review Shazam! sequel. New superhero costumes for the future Shazam! The rage of the gods have fallen and the Boys look stunning. There is also a noticeable difference between the actors playing the adult versions of the Shazam family, as can be seen from the first official photo Twitter.

Editor’s Note: For some reason, the embedding tools do not workING, so if you want to see the picture, you have to click on the link.

Grace Fulton, who plays Marly, Billy’s older siblings, now also plays the adult version of her own character. It is unclear at this time why this has happened. The obvious explanation is that Michelle Borth, who played adult Mary in the first film, was not available. Hopefully there is an explanation for this in the universe.

Going back to the costumes, they look much better than the original costumes from the first film. We love designing Mary’s costume. It gives Gal Gadot Woman Woman moods only with a cloak and no tiara. We love how Darla has a full body suit like she did last time and Mary still has a skirt.

The guys look absolutely amazing and the CGI cloak is the right call because the last thing they want is to stumble upon them while filming. Henry Cavill did a similar thing to him when he photographed Defenders of justice. Why it wasn’t done Stargirl There’s anyone’s guess with Hourman and Dragon King, but it doesn’t matter, even if Edna Mode were a DC Comics character, he would gasp over the references.


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