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Rosie McLean: The family of the missing grandmother is shocked by her disappearance


After a heartbreaking end to the investigation for their missing grandmother, the Timbun woman’s family gave thanks to searchers.

The search for Rosie McLean, a missing Timbun woman, has come to a sad end.

Susie McLane, Ms. McLane’s daughter, wrote online Monday night about the search for her mother’s body.

Susie McLean said, “Mom was found Monday afternoon, unfortunately not on time.”

“We had some comfort in knowing that Bindi (her dog) stayed with them till she became a mother.

“In the morning, Bindi will be reunited with her family.

“Our family would like to express its thankfulness to the community for such help and support during this difficult time.

Her worried relatives started a big search and even rented a plane in the hopes of finding her.

Monty Kanungo, a relative, said, “It seems so unusual because he has no symptom.”

“You tend to be afraid of the very worst. It became increasingly difficult as the days pass.

“She is self-sufficient and peaceful. It’s one-of-a-kind. We’re worried, but we’re not giving up. This is a challenging situation.

The day before she vanished, Ms. McLean hadn’t checked at her local hair.

Her last documented mobile phone ping, around 4 p.m., was 1,140 kilometres from her house in Duncan, according to detectives.

The southern Grampian, Moyne, Warnambul, and Korrang gamite areas have been searched by the air force and local police.

Ms. McLean has turned herself into an amateur detective by posting details about her extended family search on Facebook and starting a Facebook page to recruit for the private sector.
In their most recent attempt to understand his mentality, they enlisted the help of experts.

Mr Kanungo says, “All we want is an answer.”


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