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World Championship quarter-finals preview


Who will make the situation at a table?

We have now reached the last eight stages and while there is a general feeling that this has yet to be one of the classic championships in recent times, it can change everything if we get some memorable matches from now.

Off the table and before I get to the game previews, the big news is that I managed to get my Twitter account suspended last Saturday for a week, which can only be described as reckless.

The crime for which I was charged and convicted in the span of about 10 seconds without access to legal advice actually had nothing to do with snooker. I just pointed out that anyone who starts making a lot of noise in the garden with power tools when it is sunny should be rounded up and shot.

Clearly only someone completely crazy would believe I meant this, but these algorithms don’t have a sense of humor. The idea that I was really advocating shooting people for this is both inaccurate and unfair. Why should I do this when it’s so much easier and a lot less messy to just give a lethal injection?

Anyway, you can now follow me on this Twitter account until I’m cleared to take the naughty step to the final.

Don’t forget to click on the match to take you to the head-to-head record.

Anthony McGill vs. Stuart Bingham

Tue 10 a.m. / 7 p.m., Wed 2.30 p.m.

There were a lot of connotations in terms of who would meet in this round of this section and I’m not sure many would have picked these two to fight for a place in the semi-finals. McGill resisted anything Ronnie could throw at him in the final session and his clearance to win was unfazed, he is quickly becoming the Pokerface of snooker and that’s a real asset to have in these intense conditions. Bingham looks destined to win the ‘Worst Walking Melody Ever’ trophy by the end of this, but it’s not the only title he’s aiming for and he’s starting a marginal favorite for the game. In terms of a winner I wouldn’t touch it, it’s way too balanced to bounce 100% off one of them, I think I marginally favor Bingham if he comes close but not really confident. The way he scores although the 8/11 on him to make the highest break in the match appeals to me more than supporting him to win and the 6/5 on him doing over 2 centuries seems too big to me.

PREDICTION: Bingham 13-10

Mark Williams vs. Mark Selby

Tue 2:30 p.m., Wed 10 a.m. / 7 p.m.

Another classic match here between the two fit Mark’s. Williams floating around the table in his usual carefree manner, hitting them from every angle and Selby, dismantling opponents like a curious little kid taking a train aside to see how it all works before carefully putting it back to a spec. higher. The way they both play reminds me of the way they both play play when they win which makes this a very difficult game to predict as it could easily be a runaway win for one of them or an absolute classic which is decided by the odd move at the end. They have met many times over the years, but only met once here, in 2006, long before Selby became the force in the game that he is now, it took 5 tries to Selby before he could finally beat Williams, but since then he has had the head-to-head advantage, most recently including a 6-4 Players’ Championship victory a few months ago. I would love Williams to win because he is still my favorite player to watch and like every year since winning him I backed him months ago but Selby in this form is a very difficult proposition.

PREDICTION: Selby 13-10

Neil Robertson vs. Kyren Wilson

Tue 10 am / 7 pm, Wed 10 am

The head to head here reads 2-2 but it should be noted that in their last two encounters the score in pictures is Kyren 11, Robbo 2, this includes a 5-0 scraping at the 2020 Wales Open he is therefore clear that Kyren will participate. rightly feeling that he has a great chance. Both were really impressive in the opening rounds so I’m a little surprised at the big bookmakers favorite Neil. I guess a concern for Kyren’s side might be the way he has softened his neck throughout his last 16 games with Hawkins and he was clearly uncomfortable towards the end of the game. Robbo does not have such malfunctions and his game, when tested, has proven successful so far. The obvious bets here imply that the number of century breakups is high, but how many times have we approached a match hoping that a tonfest would only end with a careful tactical affair? I don’t think it will be as one-sided as the bookies seem to suggest, so if you fancy them both hitting double digits in frames, which I think is perfectly possible, you will find 5/4 over 22 frames in the eye-catching match.

PREDICTION: Wilson 13-11

Shaun Murphy vs. Judd Trump

Tue 2.30 p.m., Wed 2.30 p.m. / 7 p.m.

These two met at this point in 2013 and produced a very dramatic show that saw Judd come out a 13-12 winner, so given the lack of dramatic finishes this year, it would be a good Wednesday night thriller on the welcome if they can do it again please. Murphy has been very impressive in his first two matches and speaking to him I know he really appreciates the whole Sheffield experience having been a player who it is fair to say struggled with the tour “no crowds in Keynes” this season. Clearly it makes a huge difference in his game and now he’s getting a favorite pop to win it. Judd has been clinical so far without really doing anything special, you can easily point the finger at his opponents’ poor form, but there is usually a reason for this to happen, mainly because the player who has the ascendant puts you below. I asked Judd to justify the odds in the main preview and I also predicted that he would face Murphy at this point, but now is when we’re really going to find out if he should really be the favorite in one. area where everyone is gone. brought their A + game with them. I think this one could produce the drama we wanted.

PREDICTION: Judd 13-12


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