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Apple is facing some serious MacBook Pro issues


Apple may have disappointed many with the lack of hardware announcements at last month’s worldwide developer conference, but the radical new MacBook Pro laptops will be available for everyone to buy, arriving in the last quarter of the year.

It is assumed that Apple can solve its delivery problems.

With the upcoming redesign of the MacBook Pro, which is expected to debut in both 14- and 16-inch models of the MacBook Pro, the screen will be one of the biggest visual changes on the laptop. MiniLED offers more vibrant colors and deeper blacks, all with less power than screens that have come before.

But bringing the miniLED to the platform means having a significant number of miniLED monitors, and Apple’s order books exceed the capacity of the current vendor. Earlier reports spoke of Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology (TSMT) as the sole supplier, but the expected demand has Apple looking for another supplier.

That’s not the only step being taken, as Digitimes reports a $ 200 million investment from Apple in TSMT. This money will be used to create four new assembly lines of miniLED monitors for the new MacBook Pro laptops, which are expected to launch later this year. This increase in production will reportedly increase capacity by 700.00 to 800,000 units.

MiniLED is already proving to be one of the limiting factors in the retail success of the latest iPad Pro, where the new screen technology is currently in use and gathering criticism. So it comes as no surprise that adding macBook Pro to the mix requires that the deficiency issue be resolved quickly and concisely.

It’s honestly a good problem to have. And there is another quiet benefit as well. Apple has already cornered a significant portion of the range of miniLED monitors; There are no doubt orders for several years. If another manufacturer wants to make a big game with miniLED screens, it faces a much bigger supply problem than Apple is facing right now.

It’s hard to match the competition when the competition has left you no resources.

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