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Warzone Gulag bug lets players parachute and kill enemies

Warzone gulag parachute glitch

A bizarre new exploit in Warzone seems to allow a player to parachute into an ongoing Gulag battle and eliminate an opponent while being invulnerable themselves.

Although there have been countless Gulag errors before this, only a few have allowed players to fight with other players outside of the intended 1v1 setup.

But with the latest Gulag in season 4, loosely based on the layout of the classic Black Ops II card, hijacked, it looks like no one is safe – if this exploit becomes widely known.

Currently, the only known example of the error used is choosing not to reveal how it is done – presumably to prevent it from becoming too widespread.


With a new Gulag rotating each season, the hijacker will only be for a few months.

New Gulag bug in Warzone

YouTuber NTrippy uploaded his preview of the exploit on July 9, and after saying “let’s see if I can make this work,” he cuts the footage until just before he falls into a parachute jump.

He then finds the player waiting to fight in the Gulag alley – unable to move at first. When the timer expires, the confused enemy tries to shoot NTrippy but is unable to deal damage.

Unfortunately, NTrippy, on the other hand, was able to kill the opponent’s player.

Despite only garnering a few thousand views on YouTube at the time of writing, the bug has since been shared across social media platforms such as Twitter and TikTok.

Fortunately, the method for removing this Gulag bug is hidden – but possibly not for long.

In a comment on July 10, NTrippy said he would “post how to do it in a few days.” But with how fast this first clip spreads, developers can be quick to patch it before it becomes a major issue.

In the Gulag, players are supposed to have a fair 1v1 shootout for their chance to respond for free into the match. If this is spoiled by players using this exploit, it will be a major problem for Warzone.


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