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Sean Hannity asks Fox viewers to ‘take COVID seriously,’ says ‘I believe in the science of vaccines’


Fox News host Sean Hannity took time out of his broadcast Monday night to deliver a direct message to Fox News viewers, asking them to take the coronavirus pandemic “seriously” and declare that he believes in “the science of vaccines ”.

Amid a frightening increase in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations due to the rapid spread of the Delta variant and stagnant vaccination rates, Fox News has in recent days come under intense fire over its hosts and experts who ruthlessly cheat vaccine hesitation and skepticism. As the unvaccinated make up over 99 percent of recent COVID deaths, critics have speculated loudly about Fox’s anti-vaccine rhetoric “killing people.”

While many Fox News anchors and hosts seemed to be making a concerted effort Monday to push viewers to be vaccinated, others like Brian Kilmeade and Tucker Carlson continued to defend vaccine-resistant Americans and instigators of the safety and effectiveness of the shot.

Hannity, who has not been nearly as hostile to vaccination efforts as his first Fox colleagues, seemed to have it both ways Monday night. While delivering an instant viral audio bite in which he appeared to praise the vaccines, he booked his remarks by blasting universities to demand vaccinations and interviewing a college student who refuses to get the shot because she was harmed by another vaccine too many years ago.

“Across the country, with the approval of Joe Biden, some colleges and universities are requiring students to take the vaccine, whether or not they had natural immunity,” the pro-Trump Fox star said.

“The courts so far appear to be on the side of mandates,” he continued. “For example, a federal judge on Monday upheld Indiana University’s vaccination requirements for students despite arguments from plaintiffs that such rules violate their right to bodily integrity and medical privacy.”

From there, Hannity suddenly shifted gears.

“Like we said, please take COVID seriously,” he exclaimed. “I can not say it enough. Enough people are dead. We do not need more death. ”

After asking viewers to “research like crazy” and talk to their doctors to “make a very important decision” based on safety and medical history, Hannity appeared to support the coronavirus vaccines.

“Take it seriously. You also have the right to medical protection, and confidentiality between doctor and patient is also important, ”he said. “And it makes absolute sense for many Americans to be vaccinated. I believe in science, I believe in the science of vaccination. ”

Then Hannity immediately turned to a story about a young woman who was temporarily paralyzed in 2019 after taking another vaccine. Hanity noted that she has since refused to get a COVID-19 shot because of her previous experience with vaccines, pointing out that BYU Hawaii – which, according to state law, requires students to be vaccinated – has refused to give her a medical exception.

“Injustice,” Hannity grumbled as he read a statement from the school saying she could go to another BYU campus in a different state.



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