How BJP’s ‘MY-Square’ Beat Akhilesh’s ‘MY’

→ ‘Modi-Yogi’ x ‘Mahila-Yojana’ trumps ‘Muslim-Yadav’ in a one-sided battle.

The Bharatiya Janata Party led by Yogi Adityanath has won a stupendous election in Uttar Pradesh amidst clouds of economic slowdown post the pandemic, farmer agitation led by the Jat community, soaring unemployment levels, and high inflation.

The Samajwadi Party’s campaign focusing on agrarian distress, discontent among youth, government employees, and certain caste groups drew huge crowds and gained good traction but could not be converted into enough votes to dislodge the BJP from power despite the state’s long legacy of revolving door politics .

While SP-led alliance more than doubled its tally and recorded an impressive jump in vote share by 12%, it lacked the muscle to cross 40% vote share, even as BJP’s vote share increased by a further 3%.

In the first bipolar UP election seen in decades, other parties including Bahujan Samaj Party, Congress, and smaller parties have been completely squeezed out with a redistribution of votes and could win only 5 seats in the aggregate.


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