Govt reviewing procedures after missile accidentally fired into Pakistan: Rajnath

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh told the Rajya Sabha that the government of India has ordered a formal, high-level inquiry into the accidental missile firing incident. He added that the inquiry would help determine the actual cause of the incident.

The Defense Minister further stated, “I would also like to state that a review of the Standard Operating Procedures for operations, maintenance and inspections is being conducted in the wake of this incident. We attach highest priority to the safety and security of our weapon systems. If any shortcoming is found, the same would be immediately rectified. ”

Singh also reiterated that a missile got accidentally released during routine maintenance and inspection of the missile unit at around 7 pm on March 9.

He said, “I’d like to tell this House about an incident that occurred on March 9, 2022. It’s related to an accidental missile release during the inspection. During routine maintenance and inspection of the missile unit, around 7 pm, one missile got accidentally released. ”

The Defense Minister also assured the house that India’s missile systems are reliable and safe and that the safety procedures and protocols are of highest order.

“I can assure the House that the missile system is very reliable and safe. Moreover, our safety procedures and protocols are of the highest order and are reviewed from time to time. Our Armed Forces are well-trained and disciplined and are well experienced in handling such systems, ”Singh emphasized in the Upper House.

This, however, is not the first time the government has commented on this incident. The Government of India clarified on March 11 that the incident of accidentally firing a missile was due to a technical malfunction. The missile landed in Pakistan, though, no casualties were reported, the government statement had said.

The statement noted that it has a “serious view and ordered a high-level Court of Inquiry,” while stating the incident is “deeply regrettable”. The statement came after Pakistan summoned India’s Charge d’Affaires to Islamabad.

Pakistani government conveyed strong protests over the alleged unprovoked violation of its airspace by an Indian-origin “supersonic flying object”, which entered Pakistan from Suratgarh in India at 6:43 pm (local Pakistan time), could have led to a serious aviation disaster.

Pakistan also sought a thorough and transparent investigation into the matter. Pakistan foreign office also said in a statement, “The Indian Cd’A was told to convey to the Government of India Pakistan’s strong condemnation of this blatant violation of Pakistani airspace in contravention of the established international norms and aviation safety protocols.”

(With ANI inputs)


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