Holi 2022: Pre and Post celebration skin and hair care tips to have fun stress free

These harsh chemicals along with over exposure to sin can lead to dryness and irritation on the skin that can last for weeks after the festival departs.

It’s time for the biggest springtime festival in North India, Holli. Almost everyone loves to celebrate Holi, and smear their loved ones in colors. But after the festivity ends, it’s the dreadful phase of getting rid of the stubborn chemical color stains on the face, hairs. These harsh chemicals along with overexposure to sin can lead to dryness and irritation on the skin that can last for weeks after the festival departs.

If you love playing Holi but do not want the festival to affect your hair and skin, here are super easy tips to make your celebrations stress free.

Pre Holi prep-up tips

To save your skin from the harsh chemicals create a barrier between skin and color. Apply sunscreen, oil at least 30 minutes before stepping put. Remember to apply the face oil and sunscreen on the ears, neck and other exposed parts of the body.

If you wear cotton fabric which is advisable to feel comfortable, the color can seep underneath the fabric. In such cases go for comparatively thick fabric and full sleeves to ensure the least exposure of bare skin to colors.

To not let colors get stuck to your nails for days, trim your nails and apply glossy nail paint apply clear-coated nail polish. Also, apply the polish to the skin around your nails to not let color soap or get stuck around your nails.

For your hairs, oil them overnight. You need to drench your hair in oil, so avoid getting any expensive bottles. Coconut oil is good to go for the day. Tie back your hair in a tight bun or wear a scarf to not let anyone put colors on your hair.

Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated through the day as colors, exposure to the sun, fried snacks, desserts can easily dehydrate you.

Post Holi clean-up tips

Now that your face has become a canvas for different shades of pink, red, black that takes a lifetime to get off, post all the fun gulal smearing, before stepping straight to shower, try to take as much color off as can be with oil . Some holi colors get worsen when trying to clear with water but are dissolvable in oil. Dab your face with cloth soaked in oil to remove colors.

Skin hot water, use cold water to effectively remove colors. Do not over-exfoliate your skin, it will worsen your skin texture making it sensitive to damage. Use gentle soaps. Do not try to get rid of all stains in a day. Moisturize your skin properly once done.

Lastly, resist the temptation to visit a salon around or immediately after Holi as the skin and hair are more vulnerable to damage then.


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