Kyte to Provide NDC Content to App in the Air

Frequent traveler “personal travel assistant” App in the Air has partnered with airline distribution platform Kyte to access airline content through Kyte’s API, the company announced.

Kyte’s API provides App in the Air with New Distribution Capability content, including a full collection of ancillaries and fare families, as well as content from low-cost carriers. That will save App in the Air the time and cost of integrating with those airlines individually, according to the app’s director of growth and strategy partnerships Andy Palacios.

“As a travel seller, trying to integrate even one airline’s NDC solution is unnecessarily complex and slow, so Kyte’s straightforward one-to-many API and onboarding process is perfect in comparison,” he said in a statement.

App in the Air in particular targets unmanaged business travelers and those at small and midsized companies and lets travelers track flight activity and access such services as real-time flight updates and automatic check-in, according to the company. It reports more than 6 million active users.

Kyte’s list of airlines partners includes American Airlines, British Airways, Easyjet and Iberia. Earlier this year, it announced its first travel management company partner, UK-based ATPI.

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