Simon’s weekly wrap: News from the local investment world

Wednesday evening saw the fifth annual South African Listed Tracker Awards (Saltas) and I spoke with etfSA’s Nerina Visser about the winners. Overall, seven issuers won 26 awards which, more than anything else, highlights the health of the industry. The Satrix 40 ETF * closed the evening by winning the people’s choice award for the fifth year in a row. (Read transcript)

Trading contracts for difference (CFD) in South Africa has meant transacting in an unregulated industry. But the Financial Sector Conduct Authority has introduced an over-the-counter derivative product license (ODP) and I spoke with Solomon Gounden, MD of, to understand what this means and how it protects traders. It is a significant step forward and it’s important to ask your CFD provider if they have the license. (Read transcript)

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend, but what about investors? I spoke with Yair Shimansky – CEO of Shimansky about the conflict in Ukraine and its impact on diamond supply and tracking the tainted Russian diamonds. We also touched on diamonds as an investment. (Read transcript)

Renergen * made a bunch of announcements this week about new well tests and a capital raise. I spoke with Renergen CEO Stefano Marani about the R1 billion from the Central Energy Fund (CEF) which needs to be concluded within the next five months. He also made a great point about using the gas in the Free State to secure South Africa’s energy independence. (Read transcript)

Also this week:

Rob Lewenson, head of responsible investment at Old Mutual Investment Group (OMIG) talks about the Net-Zero Asset Managers Initiative that OMIG has joined, and its call for a South African-centric new index that focuses on low carbon, socially inclusive companies. (Read transcript)

The writer holds Satrix 40 and Renergen

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