Washington Post’s Technology 202 newsletter has 100K subscribers

Cristiano Lima, Breaking News Reporter – Staff mugshots photographed Feb. 20, 2018. (M. Scott Mahaskey / Politico)

The Washington Post’s Technology 202 newsletter has surpassed 100,000 subscribers. Below is a brief interview with newsletter author Cristiano Lima on this success:

How has the landscape for tech policy shifted since you took over the 202?

Storm clouds have been gathering on the horizon for industry giants like Google and Apple for years, but we may finally be starting to see the rubber hit the road when it comes to significant regulation, as we wrote about earlier this year. Ultimately, though, the same questions continue to dominate the debate: whether the tech giants are stifling competition and what should be done about it, to what extent should Silicon Valley’s data collection practices be reined in, and how do leaders in the private and public sector alike deal with harms stemming from social media and other digital platforms.

What do you see ahead for the beat?

It’s a huge year for the collision between Silicon Valley and policymakers globally. Leaders in the European Union are already advancing major competition and social media rules that are poised to set the standard for Internet regulation, but US lawmakers are racing to catch up. The three biggest fronts to watch are: whether lawmakers on Capitol Hill will succeed in revamping U.S. antitrust laws, how Biden’s aggressive new tech enforcers will target the industry, and whether Washington can finally figure out how to deal with social media harms.

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