IIT Guwahati develops technology to rate motor and batteries of electric vehicles for Indian condition

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati has developed a technology that rates the motors and batteries of electric vehicles (EV) and suggests to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) the best drivetrain components for the Indian scenario. This method standardizes the electronic vehicles based on Indian drive-cycles.

Led by Praveen Kumar, professor, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and conducted by the Electric Mobility Laboratory of IIT Guwahati, the research aims to reduce consumption of emissions and fuel while creating more efficient drivetrains based on climate conditions of both rural and urban regions in India.

“The development in the field of next-generation energy-efficient EV technology is one of the most important breakthroughs required for the sustainable development of the country and to reduce carbon footprint. IIT Guwahati is earnestly working in this direction. This development will augment this process and maximize the outcomes, ”TG Sitharam, professor, director, IIT Guwahati said.

“The other primary benefit of this entire exercise is to prepare the next generation of technocrats that are ready for an excellent career in EV technology anywhere in the world,” Kumar said. The institute intends to extend the research to commercial vehicles working with OEMs.

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